Puff pastry 4 ways are made up of butter, flour, milk, or cream and a little bit of salt. Now, in this article, you will learn what can you make from those four very available ingredients.

I’m going to show you how to make puff you take or puff pastry and how to create these extraordinary baked goods.


Puff Pastry 4 Ways Recipe

Puff Pastry 4 Ways Recipe

I just love cheese straws you can make big ones or smaller ones doesn’t matter They taste fantastic. Another pastry you can make with these four ingredients is the palmier cake filled with an almond cream flavored with rum. So delicious and you can make Napoleon’s.

Well, this is my version of a Napoleon two layers of delicate puff pastry for the creamy patisserie of latent with a whipped cream filled with series from the garden you’ll never forget. I’ll show you the base.


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1. Puff pastry

Nothing tastes good and nothing is as light and fluffy as homemade puff pastry. This is an extraordinary pastry comprised of 729 layers of dough and butter and this tastes extremely delicious.


  • 1 pound of flour
  • 1 pound of unsalted butter
  • milk or cream
  • bit of salt


How to Prepare Puff Pastry

  1. For one pound of flour, we’re going to take a half cup of that and we’re going to incorporate that into one pound of butter sticks of unsalted butter and mix until the butter is totally incorporated into the flour.
  2. So you can see that now we have nice creamy butter. You have to work in a cool place. Try not to work on a very hot day unless you have air conditioning in your kitchen.
  3. Just put your butter on a piece of plastic wrap and shape it into a five-by-five-inch square this way. You’re not going to make any mess.
  4. And let’s see. We’re going to make this almost exactly five inches Square just by eye. That’s because I’ve been making this so long, okay now get this right into the refrigerator and proceed with mixing your job.
  5. The dough is the remaining flour mixed with one and a quarter to one and a half cups of heavy cream and 2 and 1/2 teaspoons of salt don’t want a real window because you view you’ll run into a lot of problems.
  6. If you have a window put this out on your counter and work on an ice-cold surface if you can a marble counter like this is great.
  7. This is ready. So now you’re going to roll this out to a 12 by 6 inches approximately turn it every now and then brush off the excess flour.
  8. And then the fun begins now going to encase your butter in your job, see how nice and smooth it is and put it down on one end like this, and then you’re going to fold your do.
  9. Over the butter sealing the edges I just pinched around the edge and you roll into an added 20 by 9-inch rectangle.
  10. It’s already coming pot feet make sure you don’t get any butter losing out the cracks. Okay, I think we are okay to make our first fold.
  11. This is something else you do notice. We folded this way now counterclockwise one-quarter turn and you’re going to roll in the opposite direction now.
  12. And again into a 20 by 9-inch rectangle. Now you’re going to fold this into thirds by folding the first set of three layers into thirds.
  13. Again, you will create nine layers or three times the original amount of layers. Now that gets wrapped up again and back into the fridge.
  14. I don’t think I’m going to show you every single turn but you get the idea I think from these first two turns now you put a little indentation to this will serve as a reminder that you have rolled out the dough twice.
  15. Which is created nine layers after chilling and rolling out the dough a third time, you will have twenty-seven layers or three times.
  16. Previous nine layers after six turns you will have created a total of seven hundred and twenty-nine layers of dough and butter your puff pastry is prepared.


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2. Cheese Straws

My favorite order of all time is a cheese straw. These cheese straws are flavored with poppy seeds paprika and gruyere cheese these are cheese light as a feather.

They’re fantastic. So here’s our package of doing after six turns 729 layers of dough and butter in between each of those layers.


How to Prepare Cheese Straws

  1. This will be transformed into flaky cheese straws like these Like to use a mixture of Parmesan and gruyere you can also do cheddar cheese any hard cheese works very very nice.
  2. I like toasted poppy seeds and you can just toast them in the oven or in a little frying pan there.
  3. I’ve softened it up a little bit now I can cut it into thirds. This can go right into your refrigerator. Keep that chill while you get your toppings ready.
  4. Now here are the toasted poppy seeds I chose these in a 300-degree oven just until you can smell the poppy seed.
  5. So now sprinkle your parmesan cheese right on your rolling surface, then place the pastry right on top cold.
  6. Now, we want you to roll this third of the batch of puff pastry approximately 1 pound into a rectangle 13 by 10. So there that’s perfect.
  7. So one side of the dough is encrusted with cheese and it has very nice this is just like a piece and cutter wheel.
  8. You can make cheese straws short and fatty long and thin whatever you want and you can twist them or not twist them work fast before you bake them.
  9. And that hot Must be 375 or 400 again make it cold.
  10. They get hot and this goes into the fridge now for the second variation of a little bit of beautiful grated gruyere cheese with a sprinkling of paprika.
  11. That looks good. Look just lay the dough right on top and start to roll on the other side. We’re going to have poppy seeds again.
  12. We want to store between 10 by 13, and 9 by 13 and now I can put a handful of poppy seeds all over this side. I love poppy seeds get a good look.
  13. Just on one side as the paprika and the poppy seeds are the nice blackish gray on the side and quickly cut.
  14. I’m going to use the zig-zag cutter this time cutting a nice straight edge now again onto a Silpat-lined tray.
  15. Now you can see how colorful these are now these are going to go again into the refrigerator and get chilled for at least 15 to 20 minutes before we bake them off.
  16. Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for the first batch of cheese straws the ones just with cheese are ready to come out of the oven.
  17. Now when you look at this closely, you can see all those layers and you can see the cheese is nicely melted and bubbles on the top.


3. Palmiers

It’s time to start on something sweet. Very sweet, I’ve been making palmers for a very long time caramelized glistening crunchy. Probably one of the best cookies you’ll ever make. It tastes great and you should give it a try.


How to Prepare Palmiers

  1. Firstly, on a surface, you’ll measure 3/4 of a cup of granulated sugar. And as you rolled into the cheese, you’re going to roll into the sugar now the sugar softens the dough really quickly.
  2. So you must work fast. So here we have a nice rectangle here now you roll from the outside in tightly.
  3. And form two snakes facing each other as a child, you’re always rolling clay like this.
  4. Now you get to do it with a really delicious puff pastry.
  5. Now, if you want larger Palmiers you can roll the short man’s towards each other.
  6. So they now fill this quickly and then slice crosswise inches 3/8 of an inch.
  7. Slice it and I will use my favorite knife, which is this Japanese Cleaver try to make the slices uniform
  8. Then spray your pan with water. This holds the pause in place, but it prevents them also from sticking before they go into the oven.
  9. They’re going to be sprinkled yet again with a little bit of sugar for added caramelization.
  10. You’re going to put this back in the freezer for another hour before you bake. It.
  11. You will bake them at 450 degrees for 4 to 6 minutes, then flip them over for another three or four minutes to pull as well.


4. Napoleons

This is my version of a Napoleon two layers of delicate puff pastry filled with powdered sugar with creamed berries. So now I’d like to show you really quickly how to turn this one-pound piece into a Napoleon.


How to Prepare Napoleons

  1. So delicious again, sure little sugar on your counter and roll. You want to sugarcoat a rectangle leaving it a little thicker than you did before.
  2. Now we cut this into rectangles and sew down the middle.
  3. I think thirds now when you’re baking sugary puff you want to use if you can get a black steel pan like this and you spray it with water and you put your dough right on the water.
  4. That will be enough for three battalions. And then we’re going to do three on another tray under Polian rectangles are now very cold.
  5. We just took them out of the freezer and we have to dock them now docking means making holes is to use the tines of a fork.
  6. This will help keep Napoleon even and just do all three of them. We have three in the oven already.
  7. Let’s see what the ones in the oven look like.
  8. It just starting to get that golden sugary Browntop and you can see how much sugar is melting from around the sides.
  9. Then you’re going to split this and we’re going to fill it and it’s going to be so good. And here’s a little trick that I learned somewhere along the way place the baking rack right over your pastry.
  10. It will rise only till that height take it off just so it touches the rack so that it can rise a little higher and you’ll have a really nice brick but a light brick of puff pastry for your Napoleon.


How to Assemble Napoleon

  1. So here’s the base for our Napoleon. This is sugary, It’s very well done. And it is very tender inside crispy on the outside tender on the inside slice it with a little serrated knife.
  2. It works very very well and the bottoms go on each of these pretty plates now I like to use a mixture of creme patisserie which is the typical French pastry cream, and a lot of whipped cream in the final.
  3. Vanilla creme patisserie to make it very light and fluffy.
  4. Fold that in so we just go to spoon this on our Napoleon’s bottom.
  5. Top This pastry cream with some of the best berries. Look what I have. These are called Brandywine and they are kind of like that look good, and maybe a little bit of 10x sugar.
  6. That rack made a pretty little crisscross on the Napoleon and then of course if you have some pretty berries
  7. You can put a berry on the top like that and that is a dessert that is so spectacular and so delicious and relatively easy to make once you make the puff pastry.


5. Pithivier

Now I want to show you one of my very very favorite desserts is called the pithivier the glistening cake filled with rich almond cream.

Now, this is an almond Frangipani-filled puff pastry and we have one pound of puff pastry enough for the 9-inch pithivier.


How to Prepare Pithivier

  1. Firstly we are rolling the puffs. Once this is 18 inches long and 9 inches wide cut it into two pieces. So put your 9-inch square right on the parchment paper and cut right around a 9-inch pan.
  2. That’s your template and you can use a pastry cutter like this just to go around your other Circle can go right on top of it that go right into the fridge until it’s formed.
  3. Now we’re going to make our pithiviers the French Panipat It’s already been made. It is a mixture of delicious ground-blanched almonds dark rum sugar butter a tiny bit of almond extract and a little bit of flour.
  4. I have chilled around that will go right in the center of the pithiviers. So here Is the bottom of the pithiviers we’re going to put the front of Panipat, right?
  5. Egg wash to glue the top layer that I find that for pastry a little bit of cream and egg works very very well.
  6. This will also be the glaze for the top of the pithiviers I’m leaving space for the Almond to melt a little bit.
  7. You’ll need a little funnel like this is a pastry tip. It’s going to go in the center of the pitch of the eighth top to let the steam out.
  8. And then we’re going to do some decorative cutting on top, which is very very pretty take your knife.
  9. Just through the top couple layers, you want to do this kind of spiral you have an extraordinary opportunity to really be creative and Succeed it’s great to be able to say that you made something like that.
  10. This is getting softer now to see it. Looks like almost an overwork of Modern Art. There now spray your sheet pan and put the pithiviers onto the iron now one last thing.
  11. The glazing and kind of thrilling the edges clean soft natural bristle brush and now you want to cut in the edge with the back of your knife.
  12. This will make a very pretty edge all the way around you. So now this goes back into the fridge for one hour and this can sit right here.
  13. Stay as our little steam vent our little chimney.
  14. Isn’t that beautiful be prepared to be wowed when you take the pithivier out of the oven it’s golden brown with its beautiful sheen on top on the side.
  15. You can see layers and layers of this delicate crispy pastry and when you cut into this king cake, you release the intoxicating almond Aroma from the Frangipani filling. It is truly one of my favorite desserts.



These delicious baked meals are so healthy, super delicious, and also fun to make at the same time. These crunchy meals will be your best after trying them.