My Metabolic Meals


Is this your first encounter with metabolic meals? What are metabolic meals? It’s a pleasure taking you through the metabolic meals review. Metabolic Meals is a 10 piece but in some cases more than 10 pieces.

It’s 20 different pieces. This right? So it’s essential you get 20 you get 10 proteins and 10 sides right two different servings. So can complete meals ready to eat.


What are Metabolic Meals?

Metabolic meals are Chef prepared meal bundles. What are metabolic meals and what we’re seeing here? Why they decided to put this meal package together really is an easier way for couples to eat healthier at night.

A lot of times dinner is the meal that kind of messes up the day. So they wanted to give people a healthy option that they don’t have to think about. So now this comes fully cooked, is that right?

It does it Chef-prepared ready to eat. So all you have to do is put it in the microwave heated for a couple of minutes and it’s Chef prepared and ready to go.

This is suggested, so obviously depending on what your microwave is, you know these this is not just your average meals with some of those other meal plans out there about glued ingredients from the fact that there is grass-fed that it’s shredded chicken.

I’m going to tell you everything about this actually in these meals so read on. Well, the number one thing that you’ll notice about it is the ingredient quality.

So we’re talking about grass-fed pasture-raised proteins. Nothing artificial healthy oils such as avocado oil and olive oil just really simple ingredients that come together in these meals that make them taste outstanding on the fact about you know, these are chef-inspired but I love that you know, the meat is grass-fed.

And so grass-fed meat and then all organic vegetables and only the highest quality with spices. But also these are specially formulated. Right, so you are metabolic needles. So metabolic meals Professionals in nutrition.

So these are specialized in nutrition and give exactly what you know, strongly supporting a healthy lifestyle. So tell it so challenge exactly about the measurements of each of the sides and how much protein Etc sure so we have a mixture


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Nutritional Content of Metabolic Meals

Moderate carbohydrates and low-carb meals on the moderate carbohydrates will be low glycemic sources and the low-carb meals obviously be very low in sugar.

Everything is high in fiber and then paired with that protein studies will show that macronutrient ratios put together like this is a great way to help control blood sugar blood pressure metabolic syndrome those types of things.

My Metabolic Meals Review


Some Metabolic Meals Bundles

Let me go read through some of the meal bundles that we have 8 ounces of shredded chicken, and 8 ounces of grass-fed meatballs. Now, it’s four ounces per serving. So two servings in each protein grilled turkey burgers fries and burgers.

Oh, that’s my favorite. By the way, chicken breast 8-ounce chicken breasts 2 servings. Buffalo spiced roasted cauliflower, bacon ranch Brussels, sprouts garlic, roasted potatoes, mashed cauliflower.

And mashed sweet potatoes. That’s one of my favorites is mashed sweet potatoes. Tell us what flavors are we getting in with these because I noticed we have the buffalo cauliflower. What that’s all about. What is the market for that?

We just putting flavors together that that person is now into love, you know, cauliflower is one of those vegetables that can be very plain or it can be for the foodie and you know in our research of doing this for over 10 years. There are certain flavors that America just tends to love buffalo sauce is one of those

So the sheriff’s went in one day and roasted it up with buffalo sauce and it was a huge hit around the office and It obviously made it in this bundle.

So what I think is fantastic what you’ve done here is that you put these meals together, but people you’re not forced to eat a certain meal. So people can pick and choose what they come together with and what they get together with.


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How the packaging comes to you

This is how it’s going to come to you. So you’re going to get essentially you’re going to get all these packages you’re going to have to so in each one of these on the bottom.

I’ve got the protein and on the top of got the side so in each package you get two servings, right? So I’ve got two of my side on the top. I’ve got the roasted cauliflower.

So what happens is you can decide today. I want to have the chicken with the sweet potato. But tomorrow I might want to have the chicken with the Brussels sprouts.

So I love that you’ve given people the flexibility to pick and choose what they eat. But this is really about supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Right, this is about having only the greatest ingredients. But what is fantastic is you don’t have to sign up for a subscription with this.

Correct. So we do have a subscription component. But this one we wanted to do something different. As you said. This one’s unique in the fact that you can put together your own size.

You may not feel like that and shredded chicken and buffalo cauliflower this particular night. You may want to pair it with potatoes or sweet potato mash.

So then I think that gives a level of flexibility to these meals. It’s not often seen in our industry. And I think I want to remind our friends at home so I just take about these come fresh.

These are not those frozen meal plans that you get out there. So this comes to you completely fresh. It comes packed up and dries outsize and I love that you have recyclable packaging, but they are completely fresh So then how should people then prepare these?


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How to Prepare Metabolic Meals

There are a couple of different ways. It’s obviously great in the microwave. If you need it to be done quickly. My personal favorite by far is to reheat in the air fryer.

So yeah two minutes in the microwave, maybe five minutes in an air fryer, but I’ll tell you the air fryer kind of wakes the food up there’s something about it where it just really crisps sit up, and its outstanding flavor.

It feels like it just came out of the oven Tasha. Wish I knew where you could get in the air fryer around.

I don’t know what we talked about. As well, I don’t know what happened. But you write using an air fryer super will Super crisp up now we’re doing these in the microwave for speed on air so we can show us live cooking.

That’s where we chose the microwave. But the fact is that these come fresh and then how long can you keep them in the refrigerator?


How long do Metabolic Meals Last in the Refrigerator?

They’re good for five to seven days. So you should get a week out of them. We kind of this particular bundle. We talk a lot. We saw we see a lot of people get this from Monday through Friday dinners for two.

So that’s you know, you’ll get that five days out of them. No problem. And I love that you talked about this is exactly the if you’re at home for one, you’ve got ten for males for 10 days or five in a row five meals for both of you.

But again, what is so fantastic is you can have you know, pick and choose what you have now that Brandon’s our shop HQ, but we have some great reviews from all of the many customers that have been using it all around the country.



Metabolic Meals Reviews from Customers

So look at some of the reviews… changed my life great for the demanding lifestyle that so important quality meals where you’re getting those true grass-fed organic ingredients. No need to do me… I love that and Lifesaver for my husband and me and metabolic meals make it easier.


Metabolic Meals Delivery

So let’s talk about the delivery. They come in these wonderful boxes deliberately. It’s all free. Fresh and then it comes a what is it packed in white when you actually get that box when it comes to you?

It’s packaged in biodegradable thermal packaging. So what that does is not only is that earth-friendly but it’s going to keep your meal set at the proper temperature through transport, which is really important. This is fresh food. There are no preservatives in it.

So it’s important that it arrives in Tip-Top shape. Yeah, we’ve as I said earlier had ten years in this industry. So the packaging is one of the things we test out and nature is great. So it’s going to arrive perfectly. You’re ready to put not be put in the fridge.



I appreciated gluten-free dairy-free soy-free. No added sugar is prepared in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Metabolic meals are already prepared meals packaged and delivered when you order.

They are very healthy and delicious meals in there which you can microwave and eat immediately when you are hungry. Why not place an order to enjoy these awesome meals?