Green Belly Meals

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In this article, I’m writing about green belly meals. Green belly meals each pouch contains two-meal bars together providing a balanced 33 percent of your daily nutrition for six core nutrients calories, carbs, protein, sodium, fat, and fiber, and 5 and 1/2 ounces in 650 calories.


Green Belly Meals

Green belly meals are three times the food and over three times the nutrition of your average 200-calorie energy bar.

All three flavors use natural ingredients and are structurally lightweight and fluffy to go down as an easy meal ultra-light and ultra-compact. I’m like a freeze-dried or just add hot water meal a green belly requires.

No stove, no fuel, no dishes and no time wasted waiting to cook just tear open and eat Green Valley is an easy meal with nutrition ready to fuel your next outdoor adventure.

There is a 100% natural bar that equates to 1/3 of your daily nutrition. I first heard about green belly in 2016, this was a couple of years ago.

The bars came up again. This would have been a couple of weeks ago. So being a feeling grew forever in nutrition. I’m always curious to see how new brands tax the endurance Market in particular the ultra-endurance team. So usually when I say that I’m referring to anything

That’s a day and Beyond and yeah, I’m curious to see how new brands like Tackett and in particular with ultra-endurance seen.

There’s a trend towards Venture into more caloric-dense nutrients versus fast-acting carbs, so you’re getting things like nut butter are probably the best example.


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Green Belly Meals

So with green belly, we have three flavors that come in dark chocolate banana. That was the first to be named Peanut apricot and cranberry almond so peanut apricot probably stands out as a pretty original flavor something. I hadn’t seen before that each receivable package comes with two bars. I’ll just open one up here.

They’re pretty big the combines makeup. Like I said before one-third of your daily nutrition is broken down each bar has approximately 323 calories, So more than your average bar.

They are composed of 50. The curves eight point five grams of protein, 11 grams of fat, and different again for most bars are a higher percentage of sodium roughly 17 milligrams per bar.

So, you know again catering to Backcountry folks that are sweating more than the average save our user to find them for a snack. The fact that the package is receivable and resealable is important because cause you know.

I think obviously for those familiar with consuming caloric-dense products. There’s no way you want to eat both bars in one sitting they just wouldn’t be processed. So and let me see here at the fact that they’re so damned.

I notice right away. They put a disclaimer about drinking water making sure you’re on top of your water. That’s also important again to aid in the digestion of good things.

The texture is similar very similar to a cliff bar. It has kind of that Rice Krispies mouthfeel healing and in fact, it does contain rice crisps, but not nearly as tough so a bit chewier a bit more personally a bit more does up desirable for someone who’s consumable a Clif bar.

This is both a good and a bad thing as chunks that bar had already broken off just in shipping, so you can imagine that you know if you’re scrunching this new pack that could more of these pieces easily break off.

That really matters in the grand scheme of things when you’re sitting in the dirt and you’re hungry probably not but I thought I should just put that out there anyways cost for the three flavors.

So I bought this as a package. I think you can buy them individually too but I thought the three-flavor combo and going to Canada was $42.58 which broken down into an individual bar is nine dollars and ten cents at first glance.

I think the average customer is going to see this as cost-prohibitive. But again the backcountry has to think of dense nutrition that does not necessarily have to be cooked.

You’re getting slightly more than your average bar. But you know thinking, you know setting back I think this is kind of still 2/3 of the way to a more obvious. This Provisions bar is something that I’m working on.


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Where to Buy Green Belly Meals

Find the seems hint so it’s pretty good. But I think it still could be a bit better. I think if it had more calories, it would be a bit more obvious to your average consumer as to its intended purpose.

If you’re to compare this as I mentioned, I work with hammer nutrition for the same amount of calories that you get in the three packs.

So for our bars, these are your original bars. We also Have protein bars. So I’ll compare our original bars for the same amount of calories is going to cost you $44.90, which is only two dollars more.

I’m not going to bother comparing the costs of mass-market brands like cliff and power bar because they generally deal and lower quality and non-natural ingredients Cliff is the better but our bar for sure said one thing green valley is doing great.

The north is cranking out a very specific niche they make three bars. That’s it. They don’t have to spend infinite resources on studies or on the virtues of a complete fueling line, which is very much the case for Family Nutrition.

They can instead focus their marketing efforts on building a community around hiking and camping. So, you know, if you’re interested in doing things like evaporation, that’s the top of the package.

Nothing, you know, I think at the end of the day though, I hate to say it like it’s a good part. As I said, it’s a little more desirable than the cliff bar. I found but you know if I had to make a choice for the calories in the cost, I would probably still go with the hammer bars.



Green belly meals are very nice and nutritious to taste. They are packed with so many nutrients only in one pack. Green belly meals have different meals for you to choose from and are very much ok for family nutrition.

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