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Vegan Grain Free Meals

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In today’s article, I’m writing about vegan grain free meals. This is what I need in a way as a vegan. I hope it inspires you to get creative in the kitchen to try new things, let’s get into the article. This is what  I eat in a week and I hope you enjoy it.


Vegan Grain Free Meal Plan


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

For breakfast this morning, I very simply had a couple of pieces of grain-free toast, and then on that I also had some vegan butter as well as Vegemite.

Some leftover guacamole from the night before that I used for dinner. So, I just had that on toast for breakfast.


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Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

In the mid-morning, I got a little bit peckish so I decided to snack on this chocolate Bliss ball. It’s really delicious. I like just having these in the house.

If I feel like a lot of snacks after I decided to make some homemade grain-free chocolate peanut butter granola that was a bit of a mouthful. It’s less crunchy granola and more sort of like soil if that makes sense.

If you’ve ever had a chocolate soil sort of thing that you sprinkle on top of smoothie bowls and things like that.

This is one that is like so I made a bulk amount, but then I Served a little bit of it in a bowl with some fresh fruit as well as some soy milk and this is what I ended up having for lunch.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

For dinner, we had some friends over for drinks and board games and dinner. And so I make us some raspberry lime cocktails which were really delicious.

And then with that, we also had dinner so my friend who has an amazing vegan called brought over some salad as well as some creamy pasta bag.

Then she also made a really really delicious dessert as well, which was like this vegan small slice It was so so good.


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Vegan Grain Free Meals
Grain-free Meal



Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

On Tuesday morning and once again starting with some toast, but today I’m very simply just having some peanut butter on toast. And then I’m also having some orange with it.

I got these really amazing ones. In oranges at the local farmers market and they’re so good obsessed with them. So this is a very simple but very delicious breakfast that I had on Tuesday.

Then from there. I decided to make this really nice warm sun-dried tomato kale quinoa salad. I’ve been loving so in a pan I started with spring onion and garlic and kale.

Then I also added some cooked quinoa as well as sun-dried tomatoes. This is really really delicious and really flavorful and I Sit around until the kale gets nice and soft and the sun-dried tomatoes start to cook.

And then I also top this with some leftover crispy chickpeas that I still had in the fridge and then I use this really delicious barbecue.

Not barbecue burger sauce the car had in the fridge which recently got released it calls and it’s really delicious. So I had that on top.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

In the afternoon, I was in the mood for a snack plate as you can probably tell so I had some of my favorite Smoky Barbecue with some garlic hummus as well as more of those delicious oranges and then some biscuits.

So yeah, I have the snack plate. I’m really in the mood for a snack plate this actually so I might have to do this today. But yeah that got me through until dinner.


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Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

I started preparing dinner early because I was making pumpkin soup. So I roasted a whole pumpkin just with a little bit of olive oil.

Until it was really nice and caramelized and then in the blender, I just blend it with some herbs and spices and coconut cream.



Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

Wednesday morning, I was going for a long walk. But I was feeling hungry before I head out. So I decided to just make my usual PBKice-smoothie.

Maybe I haven’t been having this that much lately because it’s winter here and it’s just been too cold to have smoothies, but today I was really feeling it.

Feeling like something small and easy. So that’s what I had for breakfast. And then once I got home from my walk, I was still in the mood for cacao.

Apparently, I made myself a hawk account. And this took me over and until lunchtime.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

For lunch. I again was just having a bit of a leftovers moment. And so I just started my first of all cooking up some chickpea pasta, which is, of course, gluten-free, and then in a pan.

I fried some cherry tomatoes and some leftovers. Can suit from the night before so I just use this as the pasta sauce and honestly, it was so delicious.

I think I’m going to do this all the time now with leftover soup, and then I serve this in a bowl and then, of course.

I put my cherry tomatoes on top, and as with most things I topped it with spring onion because I love spring onion on pretty much everything next thing, you know when opening a spring onion on my own account. Just joking. I won’t ever do that.

I promise an afternoon snack. I had one of these ice creams because they are special in the supermarket and they were really delicious.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

Then that evening I went to my friend Bonnie and Emily’s house and they made us a really really delicious dinner, which was some quinoa charred corn green beans chickpeas Tempe on this amazing.

Like I don’t even know what this source is called, but Bonnie seriously nailed it is such an amazing sauce.


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Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

Said on Thursday. I was in the mood for pancakes and still new to the grain-free pancake game, but I think I did a pretty good job with these I made six pancakes in total some for me and my house.

Then I also did some of them according to some chocolate chips and I had a little bit of a moment is so big.

Anyway, I ended up also having one chocolate chip pancake, which was huge is some coconut yogurt strawberries?

And then I had two of the just regular pancakes with lemon and maple syrup on top and this has a really delicious way to start the day.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

For lunch, I was feeling like a Furby about snacks which I have been really loving at the moment. It’s so good. I recommend you try it with just some freshness into the usual and I also put some tahini drizzle on top.

I’ve been loving Hani so much lately, of course, I topped it with spring onions because that’s what I do. But yeah, this was really really really delicious.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

Then for dinner this night, I went to a local restaurant, which is a fully vegan and grain-free restaurant here. I started with a house-made lemonade.

I also have these buffalo cauliflower wings which are one of my favorite things on the menu this came with some vegan ranch as well, which again is so delicious.

Then, as well as, I also had a vegan cauliflower mac and cheese which was topped with crispy kale as well as rice paper bacon.



Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

So good on Friday morning, I started by making some rice paper bacon, and then I also wrote Denisov and tomatoes to make a vegan fig brekky.

I had a couple of pieces of toast with some avocado on top and then I drizzled some leftover tahini drizzle from the day before like I said loving tahini I served it with some of my rice paper bacon.

Then I also had my roasted tomatoes as well as some spring onion on top as well as some sesame seeds and this was my very delicious breakfast. Probably my favorite breakfast of the whole week to be honest.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

For lunch, I decided to once again make some pasta. I’m using this chickpea pasta again. And today was a bit of a leftovers kind of lunch date just using up whatever I had left.

So I charge of some corn. I live in the rest of my kale and cherry tomatoes that I had left over and I fried this up until it was nice and crispy then I added in my chickpea pasta as well as some Masada.

Then we mix this together and this was a very very delicious lunch, I really enjoyed this just like getting whatever I have.

Again, fridge or pantry and putting it into a ball and it’s a really good way to use up the last of the ingredients that I have left.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

For dinner at my friend phrase’s house and she is once again an amazing cook she made us some homemade vegan ramen and oh my goodness it was so so so delicious.

I want to work on my own recipe for ramen. But yeah, this was such an amazing or what. Thank you so much pray for such a delicious dinner.



Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

So on Saturday morning, I started very simply again with a couple of pieces of toast with Vegemite as well as avocado on top.

I also had a little bit of pink salt very simple breakfast as per usual then I also decided to make a sound vegan and grain-free double chocolate cookie.

These were so delicious recipes once again. These are probably the best gluten-free cookies. I have ever made. I love them so much, there’s really delicious.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

Then from there, I decided to make a cauliflower and butter bean curry been really loved making Currys at the moment since I sort of branched out and challenge myself with my cooking.

So yeah decided to make one of these for lunch I also added Spinach to get Greens in I really like adding spinach into my curry. And then I serve this with some rice as well as coconut yogurt and the spring onions.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

For dinner, I decided to make myself a black bean chili. So I just started with some spring onions garlic chili and oil and then added in some tomato and black beans again.

I put some water you need Rizal as I said, the tahini obsession is very present right now and then I also top this with some coriander and it was really delicious.



Vegan Grain Free Meals for Breakfast

On Sunday morning, I didn’t have a whole heap of groceries last so I just have some of my chocolate soil granola and then I put it with some coconut yogurt.

Then of course also served it with some soy milk very simple and delicious way to start the day.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Lunch

I was really in the mood for nachos as you guys are probably not nachos are one of my favorite meals in the world. So I started with some content as well as some salsa that I just bought from the grocery store.

Then I topped this with some Smoky black beans as well as charred corn on top of this and then put a creamy cashew cheese that I made as well as piling on more contents more beans more coin and more cash and cheese sauce.

Then I top this with a whole bunch of guacamole, by the way, I also top it with spring onions. I love nachos so much. Just call me the nacho Queen. Okay.


Vegan Grain Free Meals for Dinner

So for dinner, I just decided to make creamy sun-dried tomato pasta. So the pasta sauce was a basin captures with a whole heap of sun-dried tomatoes.

I cooked some gluten-free pasta and also had some crispy kale and then yeah this very simply served myself with some pasta creamy sauce.

Kale was a very beautiful way to end a very delicious week of vegan food. Alrighty, my beautiful friends, tonight is everything that I ate in a week as a vegan. I hope you enjoyed today’s article.



Grain-free meals are so easy and delicious. It is easy to only eat grain-free meals but you have to be careful about what you eat.

Following this article will guide you on what to eat as a vegan from Monday till Sunday. These meals in this article are also very healthy to eat. I hope this recipe will helpful for you.

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