Top Chef Meals You Should Try

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Top chef meals are simple to make but you might not know. Some secrets about chef’s meals will be revealed to you in this article so read on to know them. These are creating and going to these restaurants. Sometimes it’s super expensive.


Top Chef Meals You Should Try

It takes months to get in and it’s just not accessible to most people but we are willing to do it and is demystified like the secrets of the chef.

So you can make this food at home and blow people’s minds. Yeah, because the truth is when you really break down, these dishes.

If you were going into the back of these Michelin-star kitchens, you would see like 20 chefs working on one plate and they just have a lot of different components.

So what we’re going to show you today is how you can break down all of those components and do it on your own so you can build these amazing Michelin-style places.

You can be dining like that with your friends for yourself or your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Whatever it is, you’re going to be making those Michelin-style dishes at home.

Top Chef Meals You Should Try


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1. Sou vide

Let’s get into the article sou vide sounds fancy. In French, but it’s actually one of the techniques that you probably don’t realize the chefs are using your basically cooking something in a water bath and keeping it at the perfect temperature.

So there are lots of fancy machines that will do this for you, but we figured out a cool halfway that’s very simple very easy.

The whole idea is that you’re keeping the water at is specific temperature. So say you want your steak to be 135 degrees you cook it in a water bath at 135 for you know, an hour to three hours when it comes out. It’s medium-rare.

All you have to do is sear it up after it’s amazing but tender steak. Salt and pepper throw in the plastic bag a little bit of oil and put it in a bath of water and you’ll see the air is going to be sucking itself out.

When you get it down far enough, you just close it up and it’s kind of vacuum-sealed. It’s like hacking see you later to get caught. I hacked a guilty now. We bring our water up to 135 degrees.

You need a thermometer, you know unless you can just figure it out with your finger impressive and then you just drop the steak in there.

We also throw in some beef as well, not the beef that we had actually come vacuum-sealed because it was pre-Frozen so we didn’t actually have to do a vacuum sealing technique.

We just threw that right for the next hour. We’re cooking this just by monitoring the temperature.

If not cover it. Keep the heat low you’re doing your thing. And when it comes out you had the steak that is perfectly cooked. Do you want to stop the temperature? You can throw it in ice water, but we’re not going to do that.

We’re just going to Pat it dry. We’re going to heat up a pan and then we’re going to sear with some butter and oil and you see it on both sides. But it’s always good to throw in. Herbs to the flavor of that oil we also did the duck as well.

We just cooked it right on the skin on like medium heat and got it. So crispy and of course got a little facing action.

When you’re plating these insane dishes, it’s all about balancing flavors, but also balancing need veggies.

Raw vs. Cooked, so you can’t forget the veggies and a lot of times with the really fancy stuff. You’ll see those many vegetables.

So every now and then I’ll go to the market and I’ll pick out a few so we had some these little cute zucchinis some mini carrots and we had some radishes.

We just slice those right half because they’re small you don’t think to dice them up or anything and then we just took a pan with a little bit of butter and a little bit of oil again flavor and color.

Then we just cook them on one side and just sear them off really nice added a little bit of salt flip them over just until they were cooked through perfectly and then you’ve got vegetables you can plate those anywhere you want in the dish.


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2. Puree

Puree a chef loves the puree and strains the crap out of stuff. Let’s take sweet potato all you have to do is throw that in some sort of dish and put that in the oven.

We’re going to throw our beef in there as well just because those will be roasted off the later you make that on high heat for a while for about an hour.

What’s going to happen is that skin is just gonna peel away all nicely and now you’ve got the beautiful silky smooth sweet potato on the inside you’re going to scoop out of that sweet potato. Throw it in some sort of blender and add a little bit of cream.

Just for that extra silkiness and blend that up until it’s smooth. You just saw don’t forget yourself the potatoes need to solve but the thing is when you blend that up, that’s not smooth enough for the chef world.

You got to take that to another game-changing strain job. So you put that through a strainer and a mesh strainer extra silky smooth.

They’ve got special equipment in actual kitchens to get it, you know, Swan whatever some French.

It like three times, but you know an actual mesh strainer will work great those things were so delicious and it was two ingredients was amazing and then you can do that thing on the plate where you kind of throw it down and swoop it. It’s just a perfect puree to put anything on top of that.


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3. Fluid gel

Fluid  Gel. Now, this is something you see a lot of chefs using my the Molecular Gastronomy world, but you’re basically making a gel-like jelly out of this is the only molecular thing we did crass sous vide is kind of so.

Let me see one like this nice fancy place. They have these acrylic round-like gel circles initially halfway through this segment.

To get the quick phone to some foam on it. And actually unfortunately for a plated dish, we waited too long so we can freeze it and the whole time the whole master refreshed.

It’s awesome. So once you take that juice, we’re going to heat the juice up the pan added some sugar. I add a little bit of chili sauce, and salt, right?

Fine keep it as of gelatin fine unflavored gelatin, but we’re still using agar, which is natural seaweed gelatin.

So vegan is not made of like horoscopes or whatever the hell it is. So before that in one piece together what happens when you bring it to a boil and then you let it cool it turns out that’s exactly what is this gel and at this point, lots of this gel dice them up on me just little jell cute.

It’s so Sort of spicy in gel cubes in a really cool way just feels like Music.  Really nice texture as well.

You pop one of those cubes in your mouth a little bit chewy and tender like a Gummy Bear. Yeah. We blended it up with some water which happens when you blend out the gel that comes on your plate.

That’s when you see all of those beautiful little gel dots. That’s where it comes from. What’s it called? Technology is called fluid. Gel.

Think about it. I gotta think of a better name fluid. Gel. Does it sound like what flavor would you like your fluid jealous of?


4. Frying

There are so many different techniques when it comes to plating and one of the greatest, of course, is frying things because you’ve got that crispy texture if you had crispy to anything it’s gonna just amp it up to another level, of course.

So what we are going to do is take Take some sunchokes and you can take anything that will fry potatoes work great. But some chokes are just a little fancier in The Culinary World.

They are delicious and we just slice them super thin just like that really nice and begs right through and then we took them and just dump them in some oil at about 350 degrees until they were nice and crispy then you’ve got these beautiful sunchoke chips.

And those are going to be huge when it comes to plating because when you’ve got like a Soft puree Heathrow a sunchoke on there with a little bit of meat and that crunch Perfection.


5. Tartare

Remember those roasted beets, my friends. Well, we are going to turn them into some beef tartare actually golden so what we do is we peel them once they’re roasted you roast them in the oven at like 425 to 450 just until they’re fork-tender and the skin of this one just icing on chopping my super fun because it’s like a planetoid Taro tartar would be meat.

As finely minced up were mixing up. The raw meat that is cooked beets kind of mimics that and it has a similar texture but the flavors totally different. So a lot of times what you’ll see is Nice raw egg yolk on top, but this is the culinary chef world.

So we are going to go a little molecular with it and one really cool technique is taking an egg yolk and just dumping that in salt letting it cure and saw here and Joshua’s like it takes four days. We did it for three hours and it had a really nice cure on the outside of it.

It’s like now it’s actually awesome. The outside gets nice and chewy almost like it’s looked like a little jelly around outside now. And that will be perfect.


6. Powders

Another huge crazy world is powdering. So there’s this thing called maltodextrin which you can actually make some certain fats like olive oil and bacon and turn into a powder which is super crazy here eyelid online. I use it.

Sometimes this is a really cool trick, but another trick to get ready. It’s just a beautiful way to add more textures and balance out different flavors that retouchers.


7. Knife skills

It’s a great technique probably the biggest element that really sets these chefs apart from Lankenau your standard home cook is good knife skills and sharp knives, of course.

Luckily. We have the prime noise these things are nice and sharp, but it’s all about getting those fine cuts. So if you’re cutting chives you want them nice and

Also, they look super beautiful when they are sprinkled on top or if you’re cutting through your meat you want those beautiful so you don’t want a hacked up pieces.

No, it’s a beautiful Sushi-like cut just straight through that seems like raw vegetables sliced up those beats again razor-thin pussies a mandolin, but if not mentally and just take your time out there. Make sure you’ve got a nice sharp knife and you’ll be making no Chef like cuts at home.


8. Reducing

Home one thing that says absolutely love to do is they love to produce and not just reduce. They doubled these dribbles.

I’ve even seen a quadruple this pretty sure I’ve seen it. So what they do is they’ll take like a stock and I’ll just cook it and boil it down.

So it gets super concentrated over example, we just finished. The wine and the sugars in the wind everything feeling kind of goop down slowly.

It’s one of the first sauces I’ve ever made. I’ve been making it ever since it’s nice to make that for you and I was in college never given me credit.

So you’re basically cooking this reduction down a lot of things you could add butter to make it a little silkier cream.

Definitely make sure the salt levels are good. But that is your base. Reduction wine sauce right there and sprinkle it on a plate and look so cool. The thicker it is the more syrupy and we’ll get pleating is where all the magic comes together.

You’ve got all these little components and then you’re teaching that plate you’re turning into a work of art.

So if you know the truth is it takes a lot of people but you don’t need a ton of people if you want to just something basic super white plates.

You can go swear you go circular, but actually, I got to sleep black plates. I think like this slate black. Looks frickin awesome the little more organic you’re seeing more of that in the chef gasps.

The white is more of the classics like the French way, but you’re seeing some really cool flavors of plates coming into action.

Yeah, and here’s the thing about the plate once you have all your Smile to see race paper tally race, but there you go.

That was honestly amazing to experience that at home. It really did taste Michelin stars s it was amazing. Just kind of combining all those flavors making your own little bites.

It was a little difficult to get the temperatures, right? I think yeah with the filming and maybe a few more Madison accessibility templates. I am still learning but it was a good element really great.



You can actually learn how to cook like a chef with this article because with this article I have revealed some of the secrets that chefs use to prepare their meals. You can make these dishes in the comfort of your home.

At times eating these meals outside are way very expensive so you can cut down your expenses by preparing these meals at home and learning how to cook like a chef.

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