Paleo freezer meals recipes


Have you ever tried paleo freezer meals? Don’t worry as I’m going to take you through one of my paleo freezer meal sessions.

This is where I take a whole bunch of raw ingredients that I’ve either chopped up or diced or just like taken from straight from the store and I’m going to put them into bags and then I’ll put them in my freezer.

I will be there for any time that I’d need them whether it’s a busy night or a night when I just don’t have a lot of energy or just you know.

When you don’t want to think about it there’s there and it was just so great. Typically you just take them out of the freezer.

You can thaw them and then the next day you put them into an instant pot slow cooker oven stove sometimes even the grill.

It’s usually just kind of dumped into like the slow cooker and it’s hands-off and you really don’t have to do anything else.

About an hour to prepare them for my freezer. So it really really takes a lot of the pressure off and also saves me a lot of money because I can find things at the store on sale and make them into these different meals, which is really great for the meals.

I am gonna be making today paleo and AIP friendly and going to be from this seven AIP dinner freezer meals plan number one, which you can get this whole entire plan of all seven meals the recipes, and everything.


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Paleo Freezer Meals
Paleo Freezer Meals


Paleo Freezer Meals Plan

Before I start this I want to mention that you can do all seven recipes at once like I’m going to do right now or you can do one or two at a time or have a friend come over and help you.

Depending on your energy level your pain level any of a number of there’s your symptoms that you’re suffering from.

You don’t have to do this all at once. So don’t take this like you have to do this all at once and you’re gonna feel.

if you don’t you’re definitely not just doing it under your own constraints and at your own convenience, it is nice though.

I have to say when you have those really really low energy. Days where you just don’t want to cook at all just so nice to be able to take one of these out of the freezer and dump it into your instant pot and then have dinner, you know, it’s just it’s one of those things.


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How to Prepare Paleo Freezer Meals

Let me go ahead and show you how easy it is this first if you’re working with the plan that I provide I have free printable labels in there. So I put those out and then cut them out so that way I have them ready to go.

Tips arrest on the electronic form so I can just look at it on my iPad, but you can definitely print the whole entire thing out. It’s really up to you.

So not go ahead and gather all of the ingredients that I’m going to need I go ahead and get the ones from my pantry and other ones that are not refrigerated first so that way they’re sitting at the longest.

It doesn’t really matter. These are going to be all like my spices. Boils into that kind of stuff I put my stuff into Ziploc gallon-size plastic bags, but you can use a glass container or the silicone stasher bags as well.

If you’re not comfortable with using plastic and just a note if you use glass make sure you don’t fill it up all the way because it does tend to expand.


Paleo Freezer Meals Recipes

My next step is to look through all of the different recipes and see how many things I have to chop up or die or anything like that like onions.

Garlic then I go ahead and I can chop all of the onions that I’ll need for the entire plan. This just makes it easy. So that way I have them all ready to go.

Then I gather all of my refrigerated ingredients like any of my protein meat. I do leave anything frozen still in the freezer.

And then this hippie device is by no means necessary, but it is quite helpful. It’s a plastic bag holder that just holds the bags open for you.

So when you’re pouring a lot of ingredients, you don’t have to keep opening them up and then I have all of the ingredients gathered I go ahead.

In that process I just follow the recipe so usually tells you how much protein to put into the bag and I’ll go ahead and do that. And then if I’m using this little plastic.

The plastic bag into there and then go ahead and add all of the spices oils, vinegar, coconut amino, or any other ingredients that are required for that particular recipe as you can see.

I’m just putting them straight into the bag just measuring them straight outputting them right in there honey. I don’t even bother to measure I just kind of guess.

Once I have all the ingredients into the bag and this is the kind of mix-up of all the ingredients that they’re not just all mixed up.

English chicken or whatever protein it is pushing the rest of the air out of the bag I flatten it and then I take one of my pre-printed labels.

I put mine out on just regular printer paper and I like to use the packing tape clear packing tape here button.

You can also print it out onto label paper or if you don’t even want to use the labels you can just use case labels are nice though because they actually have the instructions on how to cook them.

And then from here, I just go ahead and follow the meal plan and I make one meal at a time putting them all into the plastic bags sealing them up mixing them up, and then placing them in a pile after I’ve labeled them on.

This is a frozen salmon dish still frozen. I left them in the freezer and put them back in frozen. I have not bothered them whatsoever.

Just going to take all of the ingredients put them in a bag put the frozen salmon back in and then that’ll be done.

There’s no need to say that in between the same goes for any other frozen ingredients. You may have vegetables meat proteins, whatever if they’re still frozen keep them Frozen.

I realized I didn’t have basil down in my garden to make as the 7th meal. So I only actually made six but still, I was very happy with everything that I made.

In the end, you do wind up being kind of a mess, but it’s only one time you have to clean it up the first six or seven times.

So that does save you a lot of time and then I have all of these wonderful meals ready to go and put them in my freezer.

Then I could take them out whenever I need them is so freeing in such a great feeling to have and really feel accomplished with getting this done.


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Paleo freezer meals are indeed a life server. They are not only simple to make but they are less expensive, saving time also. You only have to clean up once after all the preparation which sounds good.

When you have all these wonderful meals ready in the freezer you could take them out anytime you’re tired and cook them in a slow cooker.

This feeling of having these delicious meals at your fingertips can be so fulfilling. Why not try these freezer meals out and save yourself time?