Do you know how to meal plan for the week? I thought into my meal planning process as you know, meal preparation has been my thing.

Our meals have been a whole new thing and I just really don’t have like three hours to spend in the kitchen on a Sunday meal preparing meals for the week.

I’m really loving meal planning. It’s a little bit different than meal preparation and I’ll talk about it throughout this article.


How to Meal Plan for the Week

Firstly I love raw organic vanilla protein powder. I think it’s like one of my favorites on the market. It’s so good and I’m going to show you a fun little way to incorporate it into a snack that I’m loving right now.

So, let’s talk about all things and meal planning. So you guys can get on board and I just think it’s going to be a total as I say game-changer for your meals for the week.

All right. So let’s head over to the fridge and the cupboard see what we got and begin the meal planning process. All right study and come first thing I like to do is the cleanout so I like to go through my fridge to my cupboards and clean.

Get rid of stuff that’s expired or just no good and then just wipe everything down. That way, I have a clear idea of what I am out of and also stuff that I could easily add to something else to make a meal.


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So I’m not just like buying all new things. I’m actually using what I have in conjunction with the new stuff that I’m going to buy a lot of times if I see stuff that’s been there for a while.

I still haven’t used it like some lentils or chickpeas in the cupboard. I’ll usually try to incorporate.

Operate that into a meal that week also there’s just something really nice about starting your week with a freshly cleaned fridge we eat out of it.

So we want to make sure that it’s actually clean and everything is really visible. So, you know what’s in there.

So now that I know what food I have in my kitchen. I like to actually sit down and spend some time to get some inspo maybe check out some new recipes.

Some cookbooks for interest that I’ve been wanting to make because it’s easy to get into this right of just eating the same things every week and you can easily get bored.

So I like to make healthy eating fun and exciting and try out new things that I may not have cooked myself.

How to Meal Plan for the Week



Meal Planning Ideas for Families

I also funny enough love to use my own cookbook for inspo because even though I created all the recipes I oftentimes will forget about a recipe or even revisit an old favorite that I haven’t had in a while.

I also like to have a little notebook where I’ll write it down. Some of my favorite recipes that I create times like I’ll create something on the spot and it turns out really good.

So I like to write it down even if I haven’t shared that recipe on my website yet. I will have it in a little notebook somewhere and I can easily go back to it now that I have my recipe inspo.

I’m actually going to write it out. I love this weekly planning. So I just like to write down each recipe that I’m planning to make I typically only plan dinners because then for lunch it gives some flexibility on kind of what’s leftover in the fridge.


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I usually just eat leftovers from dinner and then for breakfast usually a smoothie. The oatmeal granola and yogurt are super simple and snacks all usually prepare a couple of things for the week, which I’ll show you guys a bit later.

We also like to keep one week available for take-out which is usually Friday for us and then I also will put in a freebie night where we kind of just can make up whatever we want based on what’s leftover in the fridge.

This allows us to not waste any food throughout the week as well as just have some room for flexibility now that I have my meal plan.

I then like to go through my grocery list and check off all the different ingredients that I’m going to need. What’s great about this template?

That is also customizable. So you can take this list with you to the grocery store or what I like to do is just snap a photo of it.

So I have it with me or you can do online grocery shopping, which is what I’ve been doing lately and it’s really worked for us.

We can do it safely from home and it honestly just saves a lot of time so you’re not going up and down the aisles at the grocery store trying to find everything.

So now it’s time to actually sit down and order my groceries. So like I said, I like to usually do online grocery shopping for pickup. You can also do delivery.

Pretty much every grocery store now offers both of those options, which is really convenient. It saves us time and money because we’re not going to the grocery store hungry to pick up things.

We don’t need that so I have my grocery list next to me. I just go ahead and select everything I need I also will add in my weekly Staples like bananas, apples, eggs anything that I know I’m going to need maybe to make some other recipes or that I know we just eat every single week without fail.

The nice thing too is I can see where the steps Are going to be if it’s within our budget we can be mindful of how much we’re spending.

It helps me see myself and honestly every little bit counts and when you’re eating from home, I find you can save a lot more money.

So doing a little bit of pre-planning like this is not only going to be healthier, but it’s also going to be a little bit more budget-friendly actually a lot more someone’s ready for her walk not just got back with the groceries.

All right, so I got all of my groceries out it’s not even that much because we are just buying what we need for the week.

And then obviously we’re going to use things that we already have like in the fridge freezer and cover to add to these items to make a complete meal.

So I’m just going to start putting things away. I like to keep certain fruits out to ripen and then I usually put some inside the fridge so everything doesn’t ripen at the same time. So let’s put this all the way, shall we?

Now it’s time to restock the kitchen fill up the fruit bowl and fill up the fridge with all of our fresh produce. There is something just so satisfying about restocking your fridge when it’s already clean and organized.

It’s just a very satisfying feeling. It also just feels really great knowing that you’re making good healthy choices for yourself and your family and just setting yourself up for success with all these delicious home-cooked meals that you are about to make throughout the week.

One of the things I love to do is make one or two healthy snacks that I can enjoy throughout the week. I always switch it up this week.

I was really craving my raw chocolate chip cookie dough balls from my cookbook, but I want to add a little bit of an extra ingredient here to give it just some extra nutritional content and some extra protein.

So it actually helps me feel full in between my all-day chores  It’s nice to have a little energy snack to grab.

This recipe is in my cookbook One of the questions I always get asked is what is my favorite protein powder this one is by Garden of Life. It’s the raw organic protein and the vanilla flavor is by far one of my favorites.

It’s plant-based and it’s made with the cleanest ingredients including organic sprouted grains seeds and legumes with added probiotics and enzymes to help with digestion.

It’s sweetened with stevia. So there’s no extra added sugar. I love the taste and it also just works in any recipe you add it to I love it in my morning green smoothies, but it’s really fun to bake with it or add it into some raw treats like these cookie dough balls.

I know it can be really hard to find a protein powder, but this is just another fun way that you can utilize protein powder in your meals my other trick.

When I’m making a snack like this to batch if I’m gonna take time to make something I’m going to make some extra for later.

Then I just take my little cookie scoop and I just scoop them all out onto a baking tray and then you just pop them into the freezer to firm up and then have them in the fridge throughout the week.

You can keep half of them in the freezer for the next week and they are still really well. Although they will not last long. If you have a mat in your house.


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They won’t even make it past a week even if I double-batch them. These are some of my favorite healthy snacks/desserts and you can almost guarantee we have these in our house.

Another thing I love to do if I have time is just to prepare a couple of ingredients or things that I know I’m going to use throughout the week.

It’s not full of meal preparation, but it’s just enough to make throwing together meals a little bit easier. So I usually have salads for lunch or as a side for dinner. So I know I’m going to go through a lot of lettuce.

So go ahead and chop and wash up a bunch of remaining agents by like a pack of three. I like to chop it and wash it dry while using a salad spinner honestly.




In tool, I highly recommend having one and not only does it allow your lettuce to get nice and dry and stay crispy. But also you can store it in the salad spinner, which is a fun little hack.

So we just keep the lettuce in there and it stays nice and crunchy and fresh throughout the entire week and I can just quickly grab and add it to any solid that I’m making.

I will also go ahead and prepare some veggies. I’ll chop up some cucumber some radishes pre-wash some cherry tomatoes, or whatever I just want in my salads that week.

I’ll just go ahead and prepare it once again. So just ready to toss into any salad. This came in really handy the other day.

We were doing a long filming day and we were almost going to order lunch and then I remembered that I did this so that was able to quickly prepare a salad just by throwing together all the already prepared ingredients.

I had it in the fridge little things like this are truly a lifesaver when it comes to eating healthy throughout the week.

I get it. We all get busy. It’s convenient to order food, but when you do a little bit of preparation. It just makes eating healthy that much easier and since I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately.

We usually try to have at least one a day. I’m also going to go ahead and prepare a bulk amount of homemade dressing.

I’m just eyeballing this but this dressing was so good. So I like to just kind of play around with the ingredients and I usually eyeball things but yeah, definitely gonna have to share this one.

Once I write down the recipe give it a good Shake pop it in the fridge and it’s good to go for the entire week.



So there you have it. That is how I meal plan for the entire week. It’s been such an amazing way for us just to eat healthier at home save money and waste less food.

And I know you guys are going to love the system. If you can meal plan for the week then you have no problem. It is so simple and serves time.