Keto one pot meals


I’m going to share three easy Keto one pot meals that are all low carb keto friendly gluten-free and just lovely hearty meals in this article. Keto one-pot meals are quite easy to prepare and taste wonderful also.


Keto One Pot Meals

So I am going to share easy one-pot meals for you to enjoy as you read this article. Let’s get into a one-pot meal. First, I’m starting out by making an Irish lamb stew.


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1. Iris Lamb Stew

Keto One Pot Meals

So I have got three packages of 300 grams or 900 grams around two pounds of Irish doing lamb. You can make a beef stew instead of following the same method rally whatever stirring make you can get to but you can see we get 3 for 10 euros. So I just figured that was a good deal.


Method of Preparation

  1. Firstly, I’m going to start out by cooking garlic and onion in my saucepan. I’m using coconut oil you could use butter if you want instead.
  2. So I’m going to start by getting this cooking getting the meat browned and then we’ll add a bit of veggie later on that. I want that meat to cook for a while for a good couple of hours to get it nice and softened.
  3. So going to toss it around until it’s all ground and then you can add either water or stuck or you could even add a can of chopped tomatoes or a jar of low-carb pasta sauce or tamari marinara sauce.
  4. It’s totally up to you what you would like to add just depends on how many carbs again you want to allocate and watch you’ve got in your kitchen.
  5.  It’s homemade chicken stock. It doesn’t look too wonderful, but I made it at the weekend and I just use it through the week.
  6. So I’m not going to use the whole tub. I might use a bit of a third or so on this and probably just a third or so into each meal to give it some lovely flavor and then top it up with water.
  7. Okay, so I’ve poured over about a third of the stuck and I’ll just cover it with water. The water is over. I am now just going to let it come up to a simmer and once it’s bubbling put it down to just a gentle bubble for an hour and a half and at that point I’m going to add in vegetables.
  8. It’s up to you if you want to add veggies now and have them all cooking. All those nutrients go into the stew.
  9. I prefer to cook them in the last half hour or so just so that they kind of hold their shape a bit better and it still brings loads of flavor and nutrients into this one.
  10. Hot meal but yeah, I’m just going to let this bubble for an hour and a half and then I’ll show you as I’m adding the veggies.
  11. So my stew has been troubling away for an hour and a half. It’s definitely almost there and could do with some veggies.
  12. So I’m just going to chop up some veggies and add them to so I’ve gone for a whole plate of mushroom and broccoli that I’ve chopped up. There are so many options for low-carb vegetables.
  13. You can choose you can use broccoli and mushroom as I’m done if you use cauliflower It includes the key or asparagus if it’s in season radishes there are so many options, but I’ve just gone for broccoli and mushrooms.
  14. All of this stuff make sure it’s all kind of submerged in the liquid and just cook it for another half an hour. You can just cook it until all the beds are done to your liking.
  15. It’s been simmering for just half an hour and you can see how the broccoli is all broken down. So if it was cooked for any longer and you just end up with little green bits everywhere, its mushrooms have reduced down.
  16. I actually didn’t add any more liquid. I just gave it time and just helped along you can see that meat is just beautifully tender and you could actually make this ahead of time make it the day before or make it on the weekend.
  17. Keep it in the fridge and it actually tastes better on it. The third day or two, but I’m going to take this off the heat because I’m very happy with how it is.
  18. And this is going to make a lovely meal beautiful one-pot meal that you can really just add any veggies. I love this look at the size of this broccoli. It’s double the size of my head. I can fit two hands around it. It’s just incredible.


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2. Broccoli Soup

Keto One Pot Meals

So I’m going to make a big broccoli soup. I’m going to start by Browning some leaks at the broccoli, maybe some other veggies to and probably add some creamy cheesy goodness at the end too.

But yeah, it’s just it makes a meal once you’ve added a bit of the good healthy fats or some cream and some cheese, and yep. I’m going to get on and make my one-pot Broccoli soup came up just depends on how many carbs you want to allocate to your meal.

I’ve chopped up the smallest of the leaks. I also chopped up a couple of garlic cloves for some extra flavor.


Method of Preparation

  1. I’m going to get this started softening over medium heat in some coconut oil in my saucepan. Okay, so I’ve got the leak softening is soft and coconut oil and now I’ll just chop up the broccoli.
  2. Snaps filled the whole plate with broccoli. I’m not using that whole head of broccoli.
  3. I’m just going to read and cook as much as I want. If you just cooking a little one pot for yourself, go for a quarter head of broccoli really just totally up to you.
  4. So we’re going to pop that in now. And then I’m going to cover it with water that I boiled in the kettle. Just to cover you can pour them.
  5. As little as you want just paint our liquidity and how many veggies you want in your soup and it’s going to bring up to a bubble and let it simmer until the broccoli is soft enough to blend into a nice creamy soup.
  6. It really doesn’t take too long 15 to 20 minutes, maybe a maximum really quick and easy one-pot meal. No one comes to your creamy cheesiness in your soup.
  7. I’m just going to talk you through options when it comes to actually blending my soup. I’m just really committed mixed through whichever.
  8. I feel like we won’t be including all these, don’t Panic you can just do one you can do to you can do whatever you like.
  9. Now, I’ve got sour cream over here. If you want that sour creamy flavor. It just gives a lovely texture and creaminess to it and just some tang to you want just pure creaminess.
  10. There’s just cream that just makes a bit of cream though that’s really the secret to Irish suits. Yeah. I had one at a time.
  11. At the pub recently I said, how did you get so amazing? They said more cream and more butter you would put in and home.
  12. That’s what you put into it but I didn’t even put the butter out on the counter. Of course, there’s about a butter which you could include as well but the cream is beautiful.
  13. And now for cheesiness, you could add a bit of Parmesan or some regular cheese or grate some cheese into it. If you want your soup to be nice and cheesy.
  14. There’s also mascarpone if you want that luxurious creaminess that comes from Muska Pony or you could She’s a regular cream cheese that makes a pick-and-mix your favorite experiment.
  15. Try less is more initially put a teaspoon or tablespoon in Blended taste add more just to really can do it whatever you want.
  16. But as I said you don’t need to do all of these you could just put a couple of tablespoons of cream in to add fat content and be done with it totally up to you and once it’s ready.
  17. Once I’m ready to blend it all where I’ll make up my mind and decide what to put into it and It’s and blending it together.
  18. So I am going for cream, a nice generous amount of cream there. It’s totally again as I said up to you how much you want to put in.
  19. Whatever you want and I’m going for parmesan as my cheese because then it’s super strong. It’s also high in protein. One of the highest-protein cheeses.
  20. So we’re going to blend that in I’m using my stick blender and will just blend it until it’s creamy. Beautiful creamy broccoli and leek soup.
  21. I just suggest having a tiny taste and seeing if it’s cheesy and creamy enough to your liking. That’s perfect for me.
  22. You can taste the leak in the broccoli and the parmesan just all blend together. It’s just a beautiful strong-flavored soup. This is an absolutely perfect one-pot meal.


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3. Sausage Casserole

Keto One Pot Meals

If you are low on Kito just check for the nutrition to four ingredients might sausages have sausage one-and-a-half carbs Point Two Sugars So that’s pretty low? And I’m quite happy having that in my diet same goes for.

Check carbs per quarter jar carbs 7.7 sugars,4.7, Again, add them all up and decide what you want to use for your news the whole jar or half the jar.

Water it down whether you want to add some stock or whatever you like totally up to you same with the onion is as much as little you can add garlic as well.

You could have leaked as I had in the previous meal loads of different options and I am using courgettes the zucchini depending on where you are from I’m going to chop them up.

So I’ve got some good Greens in the meal as well there are so many ways to do this as with the other meals.


Method of Preparation

  1.  Firstly to get started and it’s a really quick meal to put together because sausages take no time at all to cook. So I am going to slice up my onion.
  2. Struggling a little bit and see the sausage has helped the backside speakers and get them Brown on all sides while they’re browning. I’m going to chop up the zucchini bad neck.
  3. So now I’ll add over the tomorrow and then just simmer it for about 15 to 20 minutes and you will have gonna smell so good could top it up with a bit of water and stable stock if you want to I’m just gonna let it cook like that and then I’ll show you once it’s done casseroles and simmering away nicely for about 20 minutes.
  4. It’s thickened up nicely. It’s beautiful. I’m going to take it off the heat now and there you go. The casserole is done with the sausage.
  5. All cooked through veggies nice and softened and it’s all just thickened up to a beautiful meal. I just love the smell so easy you saw and it’s ready and budget-friendly as well as with sausages. You can really get any sausages that you like.



Keto one-pot meals are meals with low carbs that you can eat when you are on keto. Keto one-pot meals are fast to prepare, simple, and also very economical to make. They are mouth-watering and they taste great also.

If you are on keto don’t miss these meals cause they are super amazing. And they are not only amazing but they help you maintain the number of carbs to consume each day.