Eating healthy on a low budget


Eating healthy on a low budget might sound impossible for some people.  But trust me you can actually eat a very healthy meal even on a low budget. You don’t have to break banks to eat well.

Eating healthy on a low budget is actually simple, you just need to get your plan mapped out and be intentional about it that you can actually eat according to your plan.

If you are looking at eating healthy on a low budget then you are not buying food outside because buying food outside is actually expensive and they might not be healthy enough for you.

In this article we will be giving you some simple, and un-expensive way on how to eat healthy even on a low budget so read on to know more about it.


Eating Healthy on a low budget
Eating Healthy on a low budget


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15 Simple Ways of Eating Healthy on a Low Budget

The following are 15 simple ways of eating healthy on a low budget.

Make your own grocery list and stick to it:

Make your own grocery list and stick to it. You can as well download a grocery lists between multiple shoppers to help you. Shopping at the perimeter of the store first can also help you stick to your list, the perimeter of the store is where whole foods are generally located and you will be on track.

Plan your meal:

Also, you should have a meal plan to make this easy for you without stress. Planning ahead will also help you save money. Planning your meals ahead and making a grocery list on everything needed for those planned meals is also a perfect way of eating healthy on a low budget. This way you will not buy any excess things that is not necessary. And before you start planning make sure you check what you got at home first so as you don’t buy them again.

Cooking at home:

Do you know that cooking at home is cheaper than buying outside? Cooking at home will help you serve a lot if you make it your habit. Cooking at home is also very healthy because you will wash your ingredients needed to be washed perfectly and you will know the exact ingredients in the meal you are eating, you can choose  ingredients variations as well.

You can cook large portion and use store your leftovers:

Cooking in large portion is another big way of serving. I really love this because apart from saving money you are serving time also. Having leftovers can really be helpful, it can prevent you from eating outside on days that you don’t have time to cook or even days you are too tired.


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Buying whole foods:

Buying whole foods are less cheaper than buying refined ones and whole foods are also often sold in larger quantities and it helps save money as well. Whole grains like oats and brown rice are also very cheap per serving compared to most other processed cereals.

Don’t buy highly processed food:

Not buying highly processed food will also help in saving money, highly processed food are very expensive and also lack beneficial nutrients and also may be high in sodium and other added sugar. By avoiding highly processed food it will help you spend less and help you eat healthy as well.

Replace meat with other proteins:

Replacing meat with other proteins is also a very perfect way of reducing cost. You can replace meat with other proteins such as hemp seeds, eggs, canned fish, and legumes. All these are all very cheap to buy and also easy to prepare.

Shop for produce that is in season:

Shopping for produce that are in season are very cheaper than when they are out of season. They are also nutritious and you can buy more of them and then freeze the remaining after use and use later for other meals.

Buy in bulk:

Buying in bulk is can save a lot of money. You can serve them a long time when stored in an airtight container. Grains such as millet, barley, oats, and brown rice can be bought in bulks. You can as well buy beans, dried fruit, some nuts, and lentils in bulks as well.

Grow your own produce:

You can also grow your own produce to save cost. Buying seeds are very cheap, you can grow your own onions, tomatoes, sprouts, onions, and herbs, even carrots, veggies and many other crops. They may taste better than the store-bought products.


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Buy from cheap, online retailers:

Some online retailers sale nutritious foods less expensive than grocery store. So you can as well buy your stuffs from online retailers by registering to get access to daily discounts and deals and having it delivered to your doorsteps.

Pack your lunch:

Buying food outside is very expensive. You can as well pack your lunch, snacks, and drinks from home instead of buying them outside to save cost. This can save you a lot of money at the end of the day.

Buy frozen vegetables and fruits:

Berries, vegetables, and other fresh fruits are often in season for only a few months per year, and sometimes they are expensive. Frozen veggies and fruits are cheaper, and also available at every time of the year also sold in large bags. They are good for smoothies, toppings, yogurt, and oatmeal. It can be freeze in your freezer until ready to use.

Don’t shop when you are hungry:

Shopping when you are hungry will make you buy more than your budget. Shopping when you are hungry will make you go for processed foods with less nutritional content compared to whole foods.

Buy cheaper cuts of meat:

Buying cheaper cuts of meat can also help save cost. Fresh meat and fish can be expensive. You can look for whole chicken, ground meat, poultry, and  chunk steak will be less expensive.


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You don’t need to break bank in other to eat healthy, you can as well eat healthy foods even on a low budget. This articles got you covered with simple ways of eating healthy even on a low budget. Have it in mind that highly processed foods cost you twice than cooking at home.

Also know that eating foods that are high in sodium and sugar could lead to various health conditions, cooking at home is a very good step in other to eat healthy meals. Hope this article was helpful to you.