Camping meals


Don’t be deceived, no cook camping meals also are highly nutritious. Sometimes when I’m camping, I just don’t have the time to cook meals or I don’t have the cooking gas or the energy to put together a really tasty meal and you know.

Sometimes I’m just ravenous and I just want food in my belly and that’s when really easy no-cook camping meal ideas like these come into their own now.

In this article, we’re discussing the best 5 no cook camping meals. The meals you can eat in the camp without cooking at all so read down to know them.


No Cook Camping Meals


Best 5 No Cook Camping Meals

You’re going to see your food shop. You can just plan for these really easy meals and still know you’re going to eat well without stress.


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The Healthy One

  1. So start off with a base of green leaves, whatever you can find. Talk with rings of a red onion some feta cheese crumbled over. And a cup of diced sun-dried tomatoes.
  2. Next up, I’ve got a handful of croutons and I’ve just bought this little bag from the supermarket, and three or four entries now if you don’t like anchovies olives would also be a great salty replacement.
  3. And enjoy your meal


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The Low Carb One

  1. So you can start off by slicing a cucumber into long fingers and then cut the avocado into slices and place a sheet of Nori.
  2. Nori is oppressed seaweed that is used to make sushi so lay out what your chopping board is and a tablespoon or two of cream cheese and a strip of cucumber.
  3. Smoked salmon and a couple of slices of avocado roll the Nori sheet up as if you’re making sushi, which I guess you actually kind of are then eaten as it is.
  4. I’ll slice it into little rounds. Now. This is my Sharp knife and I’ve clearly needed to sharpen so things to get pretty messy so much so that I had to eat this thing.
  5. So there’s another slightly less messy way to make this into lunch and that’s to make a hand roll.
  6. So to do that lay the cream cheese out on the Nori They the other ingredients on top and roll it up into a simple cone shape so easy, and so delicious.


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The No Fridge One

  1. Now for this one, you’re going to mash it in tuna with a couple of sachets of mayonnaise.
  2. Now, I pick these ones out from my local chippy.
  3. They cost me 30 pH and they’ll last for ages, but you can also find them on Amazon just be aware of the best before dates if you’re going to buy lots and lots and lots of them.
  4. Then season your tuna Mayo with black pepper.
  5. And if you have it a little squeeze of lemon juice and then pile that up into a croissant with some slices of cucumber.


The Veggies One

  1. Oh, so so good finely sliced carrots and red cabbage.
  2. Strengths Stuff some soft taco shells or flour tortillas with a good dollop of hummus. The carrot the red cabbage and baby spinach. Ask which of hot sauce and a sprinkling of pine nuts?
  3. Now even though I love meat this was probably my favorite of all five meals. This is superb.


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The Lightweight One

Now first up, please forgive all the plastic packaging in this one. You can of course caution these Foods up bigger packs back at Camp before you go off on your hike and I wouldn’t say this was a particularly healthy meal.

But if you’re looking at calorie-to weight-ratio, then you need to pack a lot of calories into a small space, and these Foods are super impact so there are my five no-cookie camping meals. Have you got a new favorite? Happy camping



No camp meals are the most simple of all recipes you can ever think of. No cooking just put it together and you are good to go.

They are also healthy and save time. These meals are indeed a lifesaver in the camps.

If you are camping, you can try these wonderful and easy recipes for yourself even without your gas and stove you can still eat delicious meals with these recipes. Enjoy these meals and thank me later. Happy camping.

It’s nice and cools up here out of the hundred fifty-three Phoenix and about to put together another awesome one pot camping meal.

We’re going to cook potatoes and vegetables and what I’ve got here is I’ve got some olive oil we’re going to put in.

I got some red potatoes sweet potatoes, red onion some beef sausage this can work with kielbasa or whatever you want to put in there some carrots.

I’ve got to Spices here got some rosemary garlic to bring a pale Basil’s just you know to spice it up a little bit.


One Pot Camping Meal


One Pot Camping Meal Plan

So the first thing I’m going to do olive oil going in the pot which I already have the fire going. We’ll put a little bit of that in there and might add a little bit later.

We’re going to let that heat up and we’ll go to the rip potatoes, going to throw those right into the oil after cutting.

And obviously, if you come across any bad ones are bad spots or anything like that. You can cut them out and set them aside.

So I’m going to do quite a bit of veggie and then the whole beef kielbasa. They’re called beef smoked sausage, but it’s essentially kielbasa potatoes. I’m going to do a little bit of sweet potato.


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How to Prepare One Pot Camping Meal

So I want to start out with some of the harder vegetables that got a little off-balance here. So we’re going to tilt it a little bit you want these to cook up because the smoked sausage or kielbasa, whichever you decide to use is usually pre-cooked.

So that goes in last get some of these hard vegetables in first make sure they get hooked up and saw Soft hopefully that makes sense hard vegetables.

All right, we’re gonna get some red onion cut up and started to do some sweet potato, but the sweet potato I have is a little bit mushy and wasn’t good enough for my meal.

So we’ll go into the onion next and these pieces don’t have to be tiny but let’s get some of the dry stuff off the outside here.

And we’ll take this first layer off here and write in we go dry layer off chunks good flavor with the red onion think this is actually a sweeper.

And we go on for a couple of minutes guys get them soft and dust to fly buzzing me that really wants part of this.

We’re going to get some carrots in there. I’m going to save some of these because I want to munch on some later. We’ll get these sliced in two rounds.

And right in the pot, it goes hopefully it’ll take my finger off. That would be funny. Are you guys all right into the pot? I’ve got the heat turned down right now.

I’m going to turn it up a little bit once I get all the veggies in a good crisp carrot. Go. Alright, so now we’re going to give that a stir. What I’m going to do is put the lid on this for 5 or 10 minutes.

Let them cook and soften up and then we’ll get to the meat of the matter. Alright, it’s been about 12 to15 minutes.

The vegetables are cooking nicely. Let’s take a look in the pot and see how they look right? Everything is cooking up Well and If you’ve noticed.

Okay here but I got this awesome folding tool kit kitchen kit from Alfalfa’s and I’ve used it several times cooking and it’s never let me down.

It’s got a knife basting brush and a fork. And of course, the spatula that I’m using here is a little bit of a toast on it. So next up. I’m going to go over here and we’re going to do a little bit of yellow.


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Squash and this is the cube of butter squash right out of our garden. So going to slice up some chunks of that.

We wait until later on for the squash for a couple of reasons one it is going to add some moisture and it’s a lot softer than those other vegetables.

I just put it in so it’s not going to take as long to cook. So I’m going to get some cubes of this cut up and into the pot. Get some spices in there. I’ll get the sausage cut. So like I said sausage and my spices here.

So this one here is basil garlic Moringa and kale all I’m also using for my breakfast. So I’m only going to use part of my second bag, which is some fresh Rosemary. There’s some dehydrated Rosemary lift pinch of that.

And we’re going to go slice up the kielbasa or smoked sausage in this case and most of these that you’re going to find are pre-cooked.

So we’re essentially just heating these up. So I’m going to put these in Stir It Up. I’m gonna give put the lid back on five or ten minutes just to get everything good in heated and then we will be ready to go get this in.

Whack some pretty awesome sense of put that in there. I’m going to throw the lid back on and let it sit for about 5 or 10 minutes.

I’ll pull it back up and stir It Up again. I think we’ll be good to go. So it’s looking good and smelling good hold tight. I’ll check on it in about 5 or 10 minutes.

So since we added the mushrooms in late, I just wanted to throw a little disclaimer I added about this much of a bottle of water in there right in there with the olive oil.

The liquid from the vegetables just so we can steam those mushrooms up gives off a duck’s as we did put them in so late, but another few minutes are going to take a look. This is going to be awesome.

All right. So I’ve started a couple of times and have been simmering for about 15 more minutes. So let’s take a look.


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So these handles are getting really hot. So we got to use the tool handle here to take the lid off there. We have it all smells amazing all those spices in there all the different flavors one last stir. We’re going to serve some up.

There we go. How does that look that’s a one pot meal? It’s a kielbasa and vegetable Skillet right out of the petit jury Camp oven. So hope you enjoyed this. Look forward to more one-pot meals coming. So that’s it for now happy trails.



One-pot potatoes and vegetables taste extremely delicious and very nutritious. It’s very simple to prepare with just a few ingredients you are good to go.

This meal doesn’t take time. Try this out whenever you are camping because I know it a great one for you.