Sprouts Holiday Meal Reviews

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The holiday season is coming and we will be taking you on sprouts holiday meal reviews, some people might be thinking what can I do to add flavor to the holiday to cable right now?

I know that between traditional and introducing something new and interesting more like your Christmas party.

So this recipe actually works really well because it’s very spicy and easy to put together. The recipe I am writing about here is sprouts holiday meals.


Sprouts Holiday Meal Reviews

Well together so I wanted to share it with you, so let’s get started. So I’ve got some brussels sprouts here, which I have cut in half,

Brussels sprouts in Thai, I just discovered are called Ghulam Dow it’s not something I ever had in Thailand. It’s very hard to find in Thailand, but people are starting to grow them now.

So there is a name and column now sort of means star cabbage. I don’t know. Why star but here we go, and I always like to pick smaller ones as Isabel they are better tasting they’re not as bitter.

So if possible, you know, don’t get the huge massive ones. Okay, so just going to leave that for now. Let’s make the time part of this recipe at the resting in my handy.


Sprouts Holiday Meal Reviews
Sprouts Holiday Meal


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Method of Preparation

  1. A mortar and pestle is my favorite tool in the kitchen. Firstly I’m going to start with making the dressing.  I’m going to add garlic Thai chilies and cilantro stems which I’ve chopped up beliefs.
  2. I did safe, So don’t throw away the leaves will use that in the end. I’m going to take a slice of garlic paste.
  3. All right. So once you’ve got sort of a rough piece now, I’m going to add some palm sugar nice palm sugar going to pound that down to help it melt.
  4. If you don’t have palm sugar, I think if you use maple syrup for this recipe would work really well people put maple syrup on brussels sprouts and Canada all the time. It’s a flavor that works. So try that out.
  5. Okay, So once most of the sugar is dissolved Solve no more big chunks. I’m going to go in with the fish sauce. And yes now is the time to bring out the best quality fish sauce that you have.
  6. So for some of you Savy Thai food connoisseurs, you might start to recognize this as being very similar to The Classic Thai salad dressing for General salads. It’s just something that works so well.
  7. One thing I will add to the dressing is actually some shallots some thinly sliced shallots, and I’m going to add it now I let the shallots in the dressing for a while while I prepare the Brussels sprouts and while it sits in there, it’s sort of makes it a little less pungent the flavor of the shallots over the fuse into the dressing.
  8. It just becomes a more cohesive dressing rather than just throwing raw shallot sit at the end. So give that a quick stir. Stir and just so you can see better.
  9. There we go. That looks good. It smells so wonderful. That’s it for the dressing now Let’s make the Brussels.
  10. So there is a very simple best way I like to do my brussels sprouts is to actually just pan-fry them because that gives me a Brussels sprout that is cooked.  I don’t like mushy brussels sprouts.
  11. So pan-frying I think just gets me that perfect texture. One thing is you do not want to be stingy with oil. You want to get a nice clean pan to the viewer stingy with oil your brussels sprouts won’t Brown it nicely.
  12. Before you fry the sprouts make sure that they’re really really dry before you do this because it’s splattered. And I’m going to try my best to flip them all facedown.
  13. If you come really huge ones by the way cut them in quarters. Yes. I know they’re dancing like they’re alive I forgot to do just a tiny little pinch of salt just to get the seasoning in.  Now I have to re-do all my flipping all over again anyway.
  14. The little ones are so cute and add a little bit more oil in terms of doneness. You can really take this as far or as not far as your preference case, if you like it a little more tender keep the heat on the lower side so they have more time in the pan.
  15. So I’m getting some charring on some of these now. Yeah, that’s it. Yes, beautiful. If you wanted this point. I’m going to turn off my heat now because I know that that’s about where I want them to be done this way.
  16. But if you’re not sure just take a fork and hope one of the bigger ones and just you know, so I wanted a little more cook and I’m going to transfer these now into my bowl and as they sit in this big Bowl they’ll sort of seemed a little bit more and they’ll cook a little bit further so keep that in mind as well.
  17. How easy is it that don’t need the oven for anything because on Christmas your ovens are probably full of stuff? So a stovetop side dish definitely a good idea. All right. This is the easiest thing ever.
  18. So the dressing goes in That it’s hot, smells good and you can do this part With a basket of brussels sprouts one of those vegetables that actually serves well at room temperature.
  19. So you can let this sit it’ll actually give it some time to absorb the dressing better. Would you don’t want to add in advance if some cilantro leaves which we saved?
  20. You can do green onions. You can do something else. You can throw in bacon bits bacon seems to be a popular thing for brussels sprouts. You can definitely add that in when it comes to the serving.
  21. I like to serve this on not a bowl like a deep Bowl but a plate because otherwise, I find that the dressing gets all pooled at the bottom of the deep bowl.
  22. And then the top pieces get nothing in the bottom piece. Just sitting soaking and dressing. So something flat with a little bit of depth will work out better.
  23. Look at that and it looks more festive than your regular plain old brussels sprouts. Oh, look at these cute ones. So cute. Look at that. Look how pretty that is.
  24. I’m going to do roasted peanuts on top you can do cashews if you’ve got nut allergies. You can do sunflower seeds or some other kinds of seeds or again crispy bacon bits can go on top as well and Tada.
  25. There you go. Super easy. Super simple. Bright flavors look great and very different. Now. Let’s see how it tastes.
  26. I like little brussels sprouts. There you go on some shallots in there too. Mmm, it smells so wonderful I keep saying it because that’s true.


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These are brussels sprouts. Like you’ve never had before you’ve got that robust flavor of the sprouts and that Char smokiness, but the bride’s really, you know light citrusy from the lime and it’s spicy.

It’s got a garlicky kick crunchy from the peanuts promise you put this on the table and people are going to look at Brussels sprouts in an all-new way.

Brussels sprouts taste super delicious and are also packed with lots of nutrients and healthy health benefits.

Brussels sprouts are high in nutrients, rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, and rich in vitamin K, which may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and also have some other health benefits. It is a full-packed meal you shouldn’t miss out on.

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