Keto Sheet Pan Meals

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In this article, I am writing about keto sheet pan meals.  You’re going to want to make these all the time because it’s so simple we’re going to start with basically a sheet pan.

And it’s I’m using a sheet pan that lines do rim you want to add to the room. You can so that your virtues in things don’t fall off and you can really use any size depending on what you have.

Now, we’re going to start with the chicken thighs and basically, what I’m going to do first, by the way, it’s just a little sprinkle of oil fat around the bottom.

I’m using olive oil because it’s what I grabbed and I don’t mind it and this is just to keep things from sticking now. I have this lined with aluminum foil. You can line it with parchment paper, whatever you like to use.

Keto Sheet Pan Meals


How to Prepare Keto Sheet Pan Meals

  1. I am just going to scatter it around a basic recipe. I am going to start with the meat. I’ve got chicken thighs. I’ve also got some balls so you can cut them off.
  2. Sausages I had Italian sausages whatever you have in your fridge. And if you don’t have chicken thighs chicken legs would work too.
  3. Well for this. If you have chicken breasts, you’re going to want to cut them relatively thin and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. The idea is you want to make sure that everything cooks at the same time.
  4. Now, these are boneless skinless thighs. I don’t usually buy Bangles skinless. I usually get the ones with the skin on them that again were what I had on hand and what’s available and I’m good.
  5. Just bad chicken thigh to kind of spread the death a little bit. I like to cook them down. So that any fat that’s on the backside will go into it and you just want to put them around the pan.
  6. Whoops. Now. This is a lot there are – how many are in here six? I think so. This will make more than the guidelines.
  7. I told you, this will be more than the guidelines. I had that I told you so you may only have two and may have fewer chicken thighs.
  8. If you’re only feeding two people just could easily be two meals for your notice. I’m flattening the abdomen out.
  9. You don’t have to do that. But I’m doing them doing it that way so that they’ll cook a little faster and I want to leave room for my vegetables near as well.
  10. So I’ll slide those up. That one did not want to come out. Okay, let me scoot you around. I’m just putting them on the pan.
  11. We’re going to come back and see something. So here we go. We have them laid out now for vegetables. So you do whatever meat you have you put those out on your sheet pan, and then for vegetables.
  12. I went through to see what I had and I had cabbage. I had part of an onion. I’ve got one little side zucchini that started, A red bell pepper.
  13. So I think what I’m going to do is put the bell pepper and onion with bratwurst because I think that would taste really yummy.
  14. I had some sad-looking Berkeley that really needs to be used and the same thing just a little bit of cauliflower left.
  15. So roasted broccoli, if you haven’t had it is fantastic. So I’m going to put my roasted broccoli or my broccoli on there to roast. It doesn’t matter if the broccoli and the chicken kind of commingled.
  16. It’s okay now. My oven is on 375 degrees and so for these chicken thighs it’s going to take well, it depends but I’m probably going to let them get at least 25 to 30 minutes.
  17. The broccoli is a nice thing to use because of the cooking time and at that time it’ll be nice and brown now I could throw in some of this cauliflower.
  18. I notice that cauliflower Cooks about the same amount of time as broccoli.
  19. . As long as I have the pieces about this. Sizes so don’t want to make them a lot bigger, but I can toss some cauliflower.
  20. There as well and I’ll do just a little bit more of that. Now the other thing that you could do is you could let’s talk about the seasoning.
  21. So we’re going to use this one. You can simply put some salt and pepper and quite honestly, it’s really good.
  22. Especially if you have like a nice fatty sauce depending on them in there, but let’s talk a little bit about the different seasonings that you can.
  23. Use and These statues are a little crowded. So I’m going to skip the chicken down one more time. Okay, I probably should have put this on two different sheet pans.
  24. There we go. Slide everybody down ovens ready for me, and I’m going to put the last of this cauliflower in there.
  25. I need to put a little more fat on it, not at times but a little more fat with the vegetables if you really want them to Brown you don’t want to drown them, too.
  26. Marge and the olive oil and like said I could have used the Bacon Fat a day and I’m just gonna toss them in there.
  27. And like so the broccoli in the cauliflower makes a good pair of good teams and I really like the roasted cauliflower.
  28. So for the seasonings, I could put this jerk seasoning On it and I really like that but you’re all seasoning is pretty spicy.
  29. So that may or may not be something that I would like. I could also put a soft Western spin on this and I could use my taco seasoning that actually would be pretty tasty too.
  30. I can do it as an Italian thing with my onion powder garlic powder parsley my basil thought I had someone Italian seasoning up here, but I don’t or I could just use plain seasoning salt.
  31. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I could also go for a southwestern flavor like with my chili powder and with my cumin, that would be really nice too I think for a minute because my family really loves chemo, not chicken.
  32. So I think I’m going to do is start with a little salt and so everything is going to get a Sprinkle of salt I didn’t put another little Fat on my veggies I do that really quickly.
  33. I could just as easily Spend Some Bacon Fat over it but I’m going to do just a little more than I’m there to toss a little bound just a little bit and I hope you’re getting the idea that this doesn’t have to be any special way.
  34. We’re just trying to find our seasonings that work. It’s not on there. Let me put some salt on here. Yeah. And like so my family could love scheming on chicken.
  35. So I’ll do just boots not that much different. It’s a little bit of Kima and Akina does have kind of the southwestern flavor.
  36. We find that it’s really good with garlic and with Italian seasoning. So if you haven’t tried that this is what I do with Roasted Chicken, I put just a little cumin.
  37. And then I’m going to put some a  little garlic, I’ve had a little garlic of a choice to give that garlic came out faster than I intended. It smells amazing.
  38. And I’m going to put a little bit of Italian seasoning on everyday master up. So I don’t have to smell a little bit of a tiger.
  39. That’s all you do to it. You could put another sprinkle of salt if you want just to be on the safe side. Also, the oven is at 375 degrees for an easy sheet pan meal.


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Keto Sheet Pan Meals

All right, so I don’t know what you’re making. I’m gonna make one more.  All right bratwurst.  So, let me take this by myself.


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Method of Preparation

  1. I’m going to put a little Bacon Fat again. I’m not sure this is how I Overkill but I’m going to put a little Bacon Fat just so nothing sticks to the pan.
  2. And this is bacon fat that I had rendered bacon that we had baked and I’m going to use one of the flowers to make this around all these are great grilled.
  3. If you don’t have the option of getting outside and Grilling, this is really great. At worst all around there except that the fat is spread out.
  4. I’m doing this so that I don’t have to worry about washing my hands and there are six in this package.
  5. I didn’t check the weight on days because remember our general guideline was to plan 4 to 5 ounces of protein at a minimum for the people number of people that you’re serving.
  6. So actually I’m going to need these guys to kind of like the center and here and then I’m going to put the peppers onions and here now.
  7. What I’ve got is called sausages with bacon fat and it’s making it cold and that’s why it’s all sticking and looking kind of icky right? Let me put that in here that had the raw chicken on it now until a couple of things.
  8. I need to use up the zucchini because he said pitiful and the Cabbage but I really think that the pepper and the zucchini and the onion would be perfect for this.
  9. So because this guy needs to be used up I’m going to do him and honestly, I think what I’m going to do and I turn off this little bit that isn’t looking so healthy.
  10. I’m going to turn that up because I want to use whatever we have on hand. Right? So I’m going to cut them in the middle like that instead of cutting rounds.
  11. Then I’m going to cut these actually going to cut them down the center again and they’re really Julian, but they’re fairly large pieces so that they will be substantial when these come out of the oven.
  12. And again, it’ll take these about 20 to 25 minutes to cook, and say the zucchini won’t be burnt. Again. We’re at 375.
  13. It’s not a lot of zucchini fellow for anyone as you can see, but by the time I put this in here with the pepper and onion, I think that it will be a nice portion.
  14. Because remember fairly low-carb pepper peppers and onion are not now as far as the onion if I dice them they’re going to get totally lost if I quarter them, they’re probably going to be too big but I am going to cut this is about half of a medium onion.
  15. I’m going to cut them into wedges like this. So I think that should be about perfect. And again, I’m going to sprinkle them throughout trying to keep them together.
  16. They’re kind of falling apart again. Not the fresh just precious. Onion, I bobber chopped.  Just cut it into wedges, maybe a little bigger. So that it stays together.
  17. There we go. Starting to smell really good. Sprinkle those rounds And then the fat from the sausage is will get in there too and help the veggies to cook and then the bell pepper.
  18. I may not use the entire thing. I may try to save the heart of this red bell pepper for something else. I’ve already put in half an onion and one small zucchini.
  19. So we also have to watch the carbs. But let me get this gorgeous bell pepper. Let me put this guy in here and he needs to go into the fire.
  20. Okay, and the same kind of thing I’m going to put these are fairly big pieces because I want them to roast but I don’t want them to get obliterated.
  21. The peppers and onion and the zucchini I think will be nice together and honestly even probably eat two Peppers at a time two sausages at a time to say sorry to sausages.
  22. See how easy this is now what kind of seasonings are we going to put on this? I don’t know that it requires a lot of seasoning because the broad or sausages have so much flavor.
  23. So I think what I’m going to do with this is more salt and pepper and you’ll be amazed maybe a little garlic or a little onion powder you’ll be amazed at how much flavor this has without a ton of seasoning.
  24. I could also just use the seasoning salt or a touch of even chili powder I think would be nice and by the way, with cabbage.
  25. If I was doing cabbage, let me just tell you I would chop it like this and little cabbage steaks and put it in there together. Make sure I drizzled it with oil so that the flavor was nice.
  26. So let’s put a little fat lip the Bacon fat on there. I have a little bit of that left. And so just a little bit of that on the veggies.
  27. I don’t have a ton, but that should be enough, and just want to keep it from burning and give it a little fat and let’s put a little bit of onion powder on there.
  28. I know we’ve got onion in there, but I’m going to put a little onion powder because I think it sounds good. That’s probably all I’m going to put I put a little garlic.
  29. Not much and a little salt and pepper and that’s all we need to do for that. So here’s my salt and how easy is this.
  30. And again, it’s an I’d even call it a recipe because you’re picking your protein your picking whatever vegetables you can put in there.
  31. You’re picking the seasoning and you’ve got fat you’re picking a fat and you’re picking your seasoning. That’s all there is to And the same kind of thing maybe. Pepper on here the same kind of thing.
  32. This is going into the oven and cooking it as long as you need to I’m saying 20 to 25 minutes. It depends on how thick those are just may have to go more like 30 to 35 minutes.
  33. It just depends on your vegetables and health thick those are so there are a lot of things that can impact them come whether using convection oven altitude, you know, all these things.



I hope that you give this pan cooking a  try in combination with the batch cooking method. It seriously will save you so much time and so much cleanup and it really will allow you to maybe spend a little less time in the kitchen. I know a lot of us are pressed for time.

But we want to feed our families really. Well a lot of us are on keto and we want to stick to this lifestyle. So I’m telling you combining your batch cooking method with sheet pan cooking is a lifesaver. Don’t miss out try these keto sheet pan meals and thank me later.

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