Ice Age Meals Review

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Today we’re going to be reviewing Ice Age meals for delivery service. Do you know what ice age meals are?  Ice Age Meals is a food delivery service based out of Reno, Nevada, and their head chef paleo neck a lot of crosses.

They said usually takes It is a process and once it leaves their freezer, it takes two or three days actually shipped you this ship to all 50 states shipping is free unless you want to do some kind of expedited overnight shipping but those rates will vary depending on your location.


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Ice Age Meals

Ice Age Meals

I will give you an idea of the nutritional breakdown of Ice Age Meals, these meals actually bury themselves. We found the highest meal to be around 910 calories for the ribs and anywhere from like 392 to 454 like the chicken and rice on the label itself and has the full nutrition facts into chloric totals and the macro.

Rain totals really like that aspect but some labels were missing chloride tutorials like this one that just offered the magnet and knows how to do the math on these they do have a site they do have a page on their website that offers a full nutrition breakdown.

Also, it’s important to call out that each label does have ingredients. So it’s kind of cool to see what you’re going to be getting in each meal.

We’re going to start by taste-testing the chipotle chicken tinga and to give you an idea of the actual floor and macronutrient totals in this there are 392 calories in this dish, 42 grams of protein, 38 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 grams of fat.

So now let’s do a taste test. It’s not overly dry, which I like when they arrived they were frozen. So one of my worries is always at the chicken may be a little dry. This chicken is actually pretty good in addition to the carb element.

It is also pretty tasty little Bland but the chicken in the sauce on top definitely makes up for that. So now we’re going to taste test the lemon pepper chicken and rice to give you a little bit of a nutrition breakdown.


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This is well, No labels that don’t have the chlorine total but the macronutrients read as 35 grams of protein, 45 grams of carbs, and 15 grams of fat doing the math in my head on the spot which equates to 455 calories. So now for the taste test, I’m going to start with the chicken.

The chicken is pretty good. I’m personally a fan of chicken with bones. They provide you with a little drumstick and also a bigger breast piece that has a bone in it.

So the meat I feel is a little bit of Juicy which I like not over the dry, especially for being overly prepared for being here previously frozen at us now.

We’ll try the rice and the chicken the rice is a little Bland. She’s from being a lemon pepper seasoning. I think the rice could definitely use a little bit more flavor a few Pros we liked about Ice Age meals were the meal selection of a little bit more creative than your typical food delivery service.

Also, the nutrition information is pretty easy to find and easy to read even if the chloride total wasn’t posted. They do have a spot online where you can find it all so we like that options like this have million of rice so ingredients that aren’t normally classified as Paleo are right listed on the label.

So if you need a higher carbohydrate intake for them, In this case, you can easily find a few cons. I found with Ice Age meals included the minimum amount of meals you can order is 14.

So this isn’t a great service that you can just try and have one or maybe two mules from that being said, it could be a little bit daunting for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a full box of meals such as 14, 24, or 48.


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Also, I thought that the carbohydrate elements that I tried such as the yams in the rice. We’re a little bit more on the Bland side as opposed to the flavorful meat that they had included in the Box. To conclude my review of Ice Age meals.

I like the variety of meals but I feel as though their minimum order could be a little daunting for new consumers. Check out their packages.



Ice age meals are already-prepared meals packed with carbohydrates, fats, protein, and calories. They are already prepared and packed and they taste incredibly great also they are nutritious.

It can be ordered and stored in a fridge and to order it doesn’t require any bill only if you want to do overnight shipping but the rate varies on the location that you are.

Ice age meals have different packaging, the chicken and yam are quite delicious, the chicken has drumsticks with bones and they taste delicious and the other label tastes great too.

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