Gardein Skillet Meals

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Have you tried gardein skillet meals ever before? I’m going to be discussing the Gardein Skillet meals in this article but not all of them.

Just the one that I grabbed from a superstore literally 10 minutes ago and it is considered the most delicious of gardein skillet meals.

However, this meal is expensive, It’s really really not economical. I feel like their usual Price for the meat replacements is kind of fairly priced. It’s like five dollars and I get like four servings out of it, which is fine.

But this is supposed to be two servings at 290 calories each and let’s be realistic. I eat around 4 to 500 calories per meal which means by 8 this whole bag.

It wouldn’t be like that much far off from a typical meal for me. And if I ate one serving it’s 290 calories, I would have to supplement it with something else.

So I would feel full enough. This fact was nine dollars, which means if I were to eat this whole bag, which is a real meal for me.

Then I’ll be paying nine dollars for my meal and at that point why not just go to a restaurant, you know, but if you love the convenience and you would like something like this here.

This is the taste test for you. I don’t know if this can be delicious enough to justify buying it with this price point, but we’re going to see anyway.


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Gardein Skillet Meals
Skillet Meals


Gardein Skillet Meals

So one thing that I really liked about this was its high protein content one serving as I said Before is 290 calories and has 18 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat, and 43 grams of carbs.

That’s a really good macro split for how I like to eat. All right. So this is 13 chicken brown rice beans and a medley of vegetables and Southwestern sauce. I don’t know what a medley of vegetables is.

It just looks like tomatoes and beans and corn maybe some mushroom in there. I mean that sounds delicious. This is probably delicious.

Let’s look at the ingredients it is Unless even though it does look pretty clean. See that’s the ingredients right there. I’ll read through it just really quick not the whole thing.

But I’ll skim we have water organic cooked brown rice, beans, tomato, puree, corn, onions, bell peppers, soy protein, tomato paste, vital wheat, gluten, canola oil, garlic, puree cane sugar, yeast extract, onion powder, and Methylcellulose.

I’m not quite sure what that is. I did some Googling and the first thing that came up was that it was an accident, so I look a little bit deeper.

It’s sometimes used in frozen food to keep ice crystals from forming and to sustain the shelf life that comes from cellulose, which is the main constituent of cell walls or vegetable fibers.

I think that’s the only thing though on this list. I don’t know what it is. Everything else is pretty basic Beast potato, starch vinegar, Chipotle, garlic powder, Soy sauce, and pea protein. Tumeric is pretty basic the food was This does seem pretty natural.

It is certified vegan and non-GMO project verified. Okay, so I guess we get to the point of this article where I go to the kitchen and cook this meal up and we’ll try it out.

Okay, so we’re in my kitchen, and here are the skillet meals. Let’s open it up and take a little look inside. Let’s just get a nice view of it.


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Right, so I see the sauce packet of frozen food. So take that inspiration. Okay, so we have this,  this is a lot of sauce.

This is going to be Saucy. I like Saucy that is a plus and interesting. So that’s what the insides look like. It looks.

Interesting. Let’s give a pan and cook this meal up. It is pretty colorful give it that so this is the sauce packet then put some not boiling the pretty warm water on it so it can defrost thoroughly.

This is one meal. I’m eating this. All right. Now, I don’t give a shit about calories. Like this is not enough for two meals guys ridiculous the sauce took a really long time to thaw. So by the time I put it in it was still a little bit Frozen, but it was good enough.

I mixed it in and then allowed it to simmer for a while until the sauce got think and it looked like it was ready to eat. All right. Here’s the scale meal all prepared. This is definitely one serving for me. So I’m getting the whole last thing.

It smells really really good and actually really excited to eat this. So let’s get straight off the taste test. All right, here’s the food. It looks yummy not gonna lie is smells yummy not gonna lie. It smells more like Italian food than Fiesta, but whatever.

It has kidney beans in it and little pieces of red pepper and some of those Gardein chicken strips and corn and rice one note is that the sauce packet took longer than I thought it would thaw so this didn’t take 9 minutes.

It took more than 15 minutes, but still not bad. Let’s just head into the eating portion of this article.

It’s a pretty good spice level one out of ten is not spicy. But even taste the spices very flavorful. Very tomatoes, the corn tastes fresh.

It doesn’t taste gloopy. Does that make sense? A lot of like prepared food can taste gloopy sometimes? Yeah, it’s pretty young. It’s pretty young.

Again, though, it tastes kind of Italian like I could see this tomato sauce on pasta. I still like it. So is that a problem? I don’t know.

As I thought it would be half Italian half Mexican meal. That’s what tastes like overall. I’d give it flavor-wise I would give this a 5 out of 10. I would eat this again very happily. It is quite filling and yummy,

All of you can make it in a pinch. However, I don’t think I would buy it again just because paying nine dollars when I see it as a single serving is very steep.

I could probably make like four servings of this using one of their Gardein chicken strips and then rice and vegetables and tomato sauce myself and then I would feed myself for lunches rather than just one.

But again, what they’re selling to you here is the convenience and it is very convenient and very yummy.

You so it depends on what your priorities are. If you have the money to spend I would say go for it do it. It’s pretty yummy.

It’s pretty fast and it’s like a very filling meal. It doesn’t feel like gross frozen food. This definitely tastes like something I would make it definitely does not taste Frozen. It tastes like real dinner. Does that make sense?


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Like if someone gave it to me and said they cooked it, I would believe them. So yeah, taste-wise 8 out of 10 once you factor in price.

However, I would probably write it as a whole as a product like a six and a half out of ten. But if you’re the kind of person who has the money and you need the convenience, then I feel like it’s a really really really great option. So yeah, that’s my review about the Gardein Skillet meal very young.



Gardein skillet meals are super delicious and very healthy to eat, packed with proteins and carbs. They are expensive to buy and thus making it not economical but they are really a nice option for you to try if you have the money to buy it.

This meal is quite simple to prepare with just some minutes you are done with your delicious meal and not only it is delicious but also nutritious to eat.

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