Easy Camping Meals for Large Groups

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Easy camping meals for large groups are always fun, today, we are doing a large family meal idea for camping. This is part of a large egan from pennies and salt since we’re just on vacation. I thought that I would join in with a camping meal addition.

Like she’s so as a large family it is so expensive to go out to eat. So to save money I spend time preparing our suppers at home before we leave the girls to love to help with this it only took just a few hours in the afternoon and we were good to go.


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Easy Camping Meals for Large Groups

Macaroni and cheese butter and Alfredo into it are just for us to have 1 and 2 eggs, whatever we want to use for a while. We’re gone.

This is about 6 pounds of chocolate salad. This is a ravioli with meat sauce. And I’m just going to talk with mozzarella and please it up and put it in the camper freezer.

We can pop it in. We’re camping anytime. We have to zip lock bags full of the sliders the sandwiches that are all made up and in here, I put it in a Ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer. So there’s some butter Worcester sauce mustard seeds.

There I like onion powder and yeah everything I need to melt that down or over top of the lettuce. We have blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning and we are up against we’re really excited hysteria on vacation. So we had that a couple of times.


Easy Camping Meals for Large Groups


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Morning (for breakfast)

A couple of the mornings. We just had some plain yogurt with maple syrup drizzled over and talk with granola. So for breakfast one morning, we had this like French toast. Casserole


Method of preparation

  1. The first thing I did was chop up some raisin bagels and put them in the bottom of a pan and then I mixed up some egg and milk and cinnamon and then you dump that over the top of the bagels and you just bake it.
  2. Then when it came out of the oven I mixed up some cream cheese and added some maple syrup to it. And then I just drizzle that over the top and it was so delicious.


For Lunch

So on till lunches this day we had a hot dog and applesauce, but mostly we just had sandwiches and we just made it easy and sandwiches.

We’re just something that everybody enjoyed and or super simple for me on your first summer outfit and very pretty today. Yeah pretty much like summertime.

I’ve been sandwiches and chips at the campsite on their own and we’re doing it outside so we don’t have to worry about the mess on the floor. We have meat sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly.

Like buying sliced cheese is on sandwiches. That works. Well, that’s job Cielo this job. I also like to buy this kind of like the paper plastic tablecloth to go to the You can buy in a row like a Costco or Sam’s Club.

I think I got this at Sam’s Club just in a big role so you can cut it to size and that just helps keep everything a little bit more sanitary with the kids. They like to eat off of the table Yeah, St. George Island, and the ocean is right there the Gulf.

So before the trip, I stocked up on Snacks at Sam’s Club, and we got quite a few different things granola bars. Cheese it, you know kettle corn we got these sour Ravens fans.

They were really good actually no added sugar which I liked but we still got fruit snacks to handle the bars and a big bag of chocolate, which yeah, the kids were so excited.

We even stopped and got some shakes once on the way and then again on the way home. We are just out of Nashville, Tennessee. We made it from Michigan to Tennessee in one day.

And it’s the Sun is going down. So this is an alfredo mac and cheese with bacon on top and we are serving it with a kale side salad. Is it good?

Yeah, what do you think to say Le good yum first night in the camper? And we cooked the mac and cheese going down the road. Hoping that it wouldn’t fly out of the oven.


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For Dinner

So on this night, we just had this slider the ham and swiss cheese sliders and we just served it on the side with some carrots and hummus. It was a really easy and quick dinner.

This was a campground in Desoto State Park and Alabama and we decided to grill him burgers.

Who likes cheesecake so we arrived in Florida kind of late one night. So instead of baking the ham like I thought I was going to actually just stick it in the microwave and heat it up with a glaze over the top then I cook some carrots on the stove and we had just had buttered rolls.

The second night in Florida, I made a taco salad with taco meat that I had cooked up previously at home and I just chopped up some lettuce at the black beans chopped salads May doze.

And then it’s thousand island dressing with a little taco seasoning mixed into it and bunched up some drinks on top.

Another late-night supper was just plain tacos with cheese on top and some sour cream and I think those are red pepper because I don’t have any Tomatoes left, but it tasted really good.

Okay, so we have just stopped at a gas station to get some gas and forgive my appearance of camping. I want to show you how we cook things in the camper oven.

So if the casserole were to get bumped forward while we were driving it will like not be able to it’ll stop so that actually makes me feel much safer.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that before we haven’t ever had something funny out of the oven but this makes me rest easy this door could like fly open.

It’s not that actually but I don’t know if you’re actually supposed to do this stuff when you’re going down the road or not, but it is so handy for us to be able to travel and then stop and then have our dinner ready for us.

So I’m willing to risk it but this will make it a lot safer I think and it won’t come out. All right, so this ravioli I had made at home and I just put it in the oven to cook while we are on the road and it was the last meal.

I think I the number before we got home we did end up going out to eat twice on vacation once just through a drive-through.

And then once we went through a like local seafood place that was really tasty too. So we had a great vacation. We were really happy to get home though, we kept the kids in the camper and in the great outdoors and God kept us safe. Yeah.



Eating outside with a large group can be very expensive so making your meals for a large group while camping saves a lot.

These camping meals are simple and fast to make and it saves money also. If you are going out camping with a large group then this article is for you.

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