About Me

I am Eddie, a professional
chef with over 5 years
cooking experience.

My insight into cooking began from a youthful age and this site is the place where I share all the cooking abilities I obtained from my Mum and every one of the aunts and cousins that are extraordinary recipes. I likewise share my interesting logical way to deal with cooking that I created throughout the long term.

I was fortunate to grow up around great cooks: Mum being the head culinary expert. At the point when I was extremely youthful, I used to help Mum cook. She would advise me to set up every one of the elements for her cooking, pound this, granulate that, wash this, cut that, pick vegetables and so on I would set up these fixings, put them in bowls, and line them up on the kitchen table for her to utilize.

I was at that point cooking under her watch. So my errands not, at this point finished with setting up the food fixings. Mum would “balance” in the lounge room and mention to me what to add and when to add it.

Also, Mum loves to take care of the group so there’s in every case some sort of cooking going on.

In any case, I have gotten plans from different pieces of Nigeria too from my movements toward the North and stays in Port Harcourt and Lagos. What’s more, by essentially focusing when individuals around me cook stuff.

The greater part of the plans itemized on this site begin from Nigeria however anyone, regardless of their nation of beginning, can get ready and appreciate them.

I incorporate some world plans that I have gotten while venturing to the far corners of the planet which I realize that Nigerian food sweethearts will appreciate.

Is it accurate to say that you are looking for that Nigerian food formula for a feast you have consistently considered how it was readied? Or then again you are here on the grounds that you host a gathering coming up and you need thoughts on what food to get ready?

No? Okay you are hitched to a man from another clan and you need to make some train ASAP in that locale’s gastronomy! Or then again even an outsider intrigued by the rich culture of the world.

On the off chance that your better half is working somewhat late today, you can astonish her with a supper browsed one of the simple quick supper plans. It’s the young men’s food end of the week and it is your chance to cook for your single man companions and you unquestionably need to dazzle.

Eddie Uwa