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500 Calories Meals Fast & Easy to Prepare

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When we talk about 500 calories meals, they are actually meals that are about 500 calories or less. In this article were are going to discuss 9 meals for 500 calories, two meals each day. You can actually use a calorie calculator because it’s extremely easy to get a calorie calculator.

So yeah. These days what I have to do is put in the app counter and just calculate it, you know pre-calculated think I’m watching today and pre-calculated and your calorie count.

If you know, how many calories it will just give you an idea of just so I’m not being lazy. So because I’m here y’all girl quickly I  have some great ideas for you. You need to stay away from starch.  stay away from carbs, and any type of drink other than water.


500 Calories Meals

500 Calories Meals


You need to stay away from fried food, junk food, and all carb-related meals. These 500 calories meals listed below will help you maintain a good diet plan.


1. Turkey Bacon and Egg White with Spanish

What I’m doing when I first started I always try to add some type of vegetable or fruit for anything that is for breakfast bacon with egg whites or just regular eggs.

Then you can add spinach in there and then for your In me like I say, all you need is two meals a day your second meal which is like an early dinner tree.

Baked chicken, baked fish For your second meal, you can go with baked chicken or baked fish you can use this with green beans, green peas, or a side salad.

Make sure like I said that your veggies should be bigger than your known protein portion. So any type of protein so big chicken baked or Santa Clara Tennessee brain, so like green beans for the day.


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2. Mashed Potato Rice Replacement

This should be your day number two- second meal So what I did before I made Chinese food so the idea is fried rice right is cauliflower rice to have the trader Joe’s they have at Whole Foods.

I think they have a Target now and Jewel so some type of cauliflower rice. We still make the cauliflower mashed potatoes if you need them.

The recipe cauliflower rice stir-fries, which is an excuse for some frozen mixed vegetables from Target, and then, you know cooking with some type of teriyaki sauce season it up, you know do it with all right, or if you want to look like I fire mashed potatoes you can do like shepherd’s pie.

So you have a shepherd’s pie that is mashed potatoes either ground beef ground turkey or no meat at all, and it’s some type of frozen vegetables. I think so.

Potatoes so you know what shepherd’s pie just looks it up, so I’d be a good meal again with this meal I’m saying are no carbs for this meal.


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3. Boiled Egg and Banana

Breakfast for day number two could be a boiled egg and a banana. Just boils it with some salt and pepper on it and grab your banana one of those weights and you need to eat less.

This is the biggest real meal. You do not need to eat salad and you do grab your pear fruit,


4. Soup

Meal number four will be some type of soup, when I say soup I mean something that’s not pasta base, something like a veggie soup full of vegetables in fact any type of soup.

It can be any type of soup when I mean when I say something is not pasta based. So something more brothy or like a veggie soup full of vegetables.

Minestrone soup is a Pursuit that doesn’t really need a super cream of broccoli soup or some type of tool for its pasta.

The score here is now that they have chickpea pasta making it some type of pasta or soup and then for breakfast, it can be oatmeal with strawberries inside of it.


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5. Miller Oatmeal with Bananas

Any type of fruit will do miller oatmeal, but I prefer bananas. I love oatmeal, I do eat oatmeal twice a week. It’s a healthy carb.

I said no Congress, but if you’re going to eat carbs around day 3 do it in the middle of the week, make sure that the day that you decide to eat the carbs your boss the gym, so I want to eat carbs. Smart carbs and eat in the morning time to get burned off.


6. Taco

For meal number four or day four you can do something like a taco. I’m like so many like ground turkey tacos or refried bean tacos.

So the tacos you can do either Taco with the taco shell make it like a corn tortilla or something or you do like taco salad and then for breakfast you do like pancake split being pancakes.

So you can use almond milk, ground oats, and banana, so just smashed them together for a little vanilla extract it and you can put your fruits of choice if you want to mix it in or you could just top it with the fruit.

So you just mix all that together and you put it on the stove and it literally flips like pancakes if you want a recipe for that to let me know, I made it before it was amazing how our strawberries were so nice.


7. Veggie Smoothie

I like smoothies, and what I use usually is sometimes frozen fruit in our mixed berry blue. I put a banana in there. Sometimes I will put a little in it flaxseed in Ricky it.

I use banana and spinach and kale and coconut water and the feeling are good you can make as much as you want all that’s going to go right through you just go to the bathroom with that’s good.

So breakfast could be a couple of times a week. Buy a little blender put in a little liquor together with fresh vegetables in it, put out here frozen, and fruits in the blender. Suppose in fruit in a blender with a cyclic when I use coconut water.

We use low-calorie orange juice or you can even use almond milk. So used to make it fully on that can be your breakfast and then for dinner or you know.

You’re only guaranteed to be like sausage and peppers use like turkey sausage making a veggie sausage like a tofu type of sausage.

You can put it in the oven you can stir fry it put it around the stove roast it, put it on a sheet pan to see put your you put your sausage on there put bell Pepper you put on you can put some mushrooms in there and it’s really good.


8. Chili

Give me the chili recipe I believe this chili is amazing. It’s meatless. You can always use meat in yours if you’re a meat-lover but mine is meatless to all types of means all types of vegetables.

It is amazing and it is out of spice but it’s spicy, but that could be a dinner for 6, and that collecting the whole week.

My chili is going to last me all week and so for breakfast if you beat your cereal bowl, so was I like a special table now all my like the organic cinnamon toast crunch organic frosted flakes anything healthy with almond milk.

Then for breakfast, you can dice some kind of fruit to put in it be a breakfast.


9. Sandwich

Sandwich with lettuce who lettuce that’s a wrap it can be a turkey burger, you can do tuna. You can do the chicken salad.

You can do a veggie burger. You can do anything. So burgers are always feeling you can rap it up with some cheese, some ketchup, some mustard, but just don’t use it like that.

Then for breakfast in the morning, you can do a protein shake with your choices by evolves in your target meal. I like chocolate that’s amazing.

They’re like a hundred sixty calories under 40 calories for the morning and remember you counting calories, but over the day you are burning calories.



Make sure you document your calories during exercise the way you document your food because it takes away some of their points. So that’s all the 9 meals that I have for you guys. I hope this was helpful.

You’re gonna stop right now his weight loss journey. No, no way until you’re hungry or you’re sick in the sense that you start to eat salads, and if each meal on this paper contains 500 calories sometimes little marks sometimes a little less.

They are going to be all blown going to be slimming and shapely just looking Good, so, please keep on all your diet. Please stick to these 500 calories meals if you ever and as long as you loosen your motivation read this article over and o er again.

Give me any advice or any words of encouragement. If you want to send me things like pictures of yourself before and after pictures anything, I’m here. Y’all are really cool right now.

You don’t have to do that. It’s a sacrifice you going to have so you have to sacrifice you’re gonna have to take you to have time to do this stuff.



These 500 calories meals are extremely good for people who want to lose weight, they will guide you on what to eat. As you are trying to lose weight, stay away from drinks, fried foods, and junk foods, and drink lots of water.

These 500 calories meals here are selected for you, they are also very healthy, packed with proteins, and also taste great. So if you want to lose weight don’t miss this article cause it will be a great help for you.

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