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30 Minutes Vegetarian Meals

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30 minutes vegetarian meals are easy to prepare and they taste great also. In this article I have carefully selected vegetarian meals that will just take 30 minutes of your time, they are very easy to prepare.

I’m preparing three vegetarian meals and some of the items that I am preparing can actually be mixed and matched and you can create new meals already prepared.

So my goal today is to get everything. So like you would cook it when you’re actually going to have it but have it every 30 minutes because on the menu today are black bean burgers.

It’s a great way to Use of Avengers I have in my fridge and if you have really picky eaters is a great way to get some extra vegetables in their meals.


30 Minutes Vegetarian Meals

And if you’re not a vegetarian and you guys do things like Meatless Mondays, it’s a great option like meat lovers and vegetarians seem to like these Burgers. So it’s a great option for you.

Number two easy vegetarian stir-fry. So I’m going to program all the ingredients but not put them together until I’m actually ready to eat as you can give it a quick sauté right before you eat it.

Having the ingredients separate makes it easy for you to create new meals from all things that you’ve grabbed.

The third dish is going to be a tofu or paneer dish soup in your like an Indian cheese. It doesn’t really melt when it gets hot.

I’m going to show you guys all of it, but let’s get started. So I’m going to get a bunch of stuff on the stove and a bunch of stuff going.

So I’ve got some rice boiling on the stove that is going to be for our stir-fry a little later on but first I’m going to do for the bean burgers.


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1. Black Beans Burgers

30 Minutes Vegetarian Meals
Black Beans Burgers

I’ve got canned black beans any brand will do, I’ve got some organic ones that I picked up for like a regular size can like this is 398 Mmm, this one is 540 usually like with 540.

Can I make about four Burgers meal? You can make it any size you want because you’re using the burgers yourself. They are pretty heavy. So they don’t actually have to be especially if you’re making a lot for kids.

They’re having God’s black beans over bread crumbs and like if you want to throw an egg in there to help the burgers stay together.

You can add pretty much everything anything you want so you don’t have to become that big I’m gonna say for like you can make it before so today. I might go Is with these two to make it eat burgers. So the recipe is super simple.


Method of preparation

  1. I’m going to chop up any vegetables I want. So in this case, I have zucchini and bell pepper. I do sometimes throw some spinach and it does make the burgers great but the kids are told that their helpers and momentum into the Incredible Hulk and they have never complained throw in some garlic and ginger.
  2. You can join any other spices that you want. I threw a little bit of salt as well and blend all of that together and I make sure it becomes a little bit thick and harder to blend properly in your food processor or blender or whatever you’re using.
  3. And so what I like to do sometimes is added some avocado oil, some olive oil any kind of healthy oil that you have on hand just a little bit of it to make the mixture a little bit thinner.
  4. Once that’s all done. I probably make sure I make sense of bread crumbs. I just eyeball it to really add enough that the measures permit affect my patties.
  5. Pretty well, so it’s easier to cook them to follow our little bit more easily. I mean if you add a whole lot of our bread crumbs and that won’t happen, but I’m trying to limit the number of programs in the burgers just to keep them soft.
  6. If you’re in a really big Crush you can actually be put in the freezer like even for 10 minutes and then offer them up enough to make them ready to conquer. So I’ve got the burgers in the fridge.


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2. Easy Vegetarian Stir-fry

30 Minutes Vegetarian Meals
Easy Vegetarian Stir-fry

The rice is cooking for the stir-fry. And what has got to do is get you the base for the server so the veggie stir-fry super simple. It’s going to be chickpeas mixed with vegetables.

Now you can add or modify this any way you want but a better way to do this than will how I had been doing in the past is to actually keep all your ingredients separate until you’re ready to eat it.

That way if you want to make a different dish but those mixed vegetables you can or a different dish with the rice or a different dish.

We put the chickpeas or throw them on a salad or something. It’s all separately washed or cooked and ready in the fridge. So I’m using these frozen vegetables here from Costco is just any stir-fry blend is fine.

You can use fresh vegetables if you won’t take a little bit more time to practice have to chop the vegetables. This is what I had on hand and it’s easy for me.

I would love one day to do everything. You know the completely fresh I can’t right now. So this is how I’m doing it.


Method of Preparation

  1.  Firstly, those are cooking up. I’m going to add some garlic and salt and stuff to them but these chickpeas again playing chickpeas in a can I’m going to wash them and put them in a container in the fridge. So I always have them ready.
  2. So one great thing that I love about having beans already washed in the fridge is that it’s something easy to throw into a salad. You know, I know it seems silly that you could just open the can wash them anytime.
  3. I don’t know if I’m just lazy but sometimes that extra step can make me reach for something that’s already ready or easier or that requires no prep work again.
  4. As I said, I don’t know if I’m just lazy. I just like to have all the things ready. It would just make picking up a whole food Choice a little bit easier than say getting a bowl of cereal which has to be something.
  5. I love to do it. Here’s a little sneaky reason why I wanted you guys to keep the rice and vegetables and everything separate when you do your meal.
  6. So this is a better chicken sauce suitable for vegetarians. So the sauce itself does not contain any meat but a great to do with this is to either put tofu in it or put in paneer.
  7. So Indian cheese, you can get in most grocery stores. You literally just cut it up and put it in and it’s the most amazing meal.
  8. Now sometimes I’m in the mood for a little bit more junk food meal and honestly when you go to an Indian restaurant, so if you’re not Indian and you don’t need any food.
  9. You only eat in even restaurants and the food, they treat is like the junk food version of the Indian food that you would make it home.
  10. So everything’s really creamy and buttery and that’s definitely not How I cook regularly in my home you always have the cravings for that really good like Shahi paneer, which is like a vegetarian version basically a butter chicken.
  11. So I love to grab this sauce for the days. When I do feel like a little treat not only will you save money making it at home.
  12. You can kind of control the ingredients a little bit too. So all you do is put this bottle empty it into a pan and heat it up and throwing the paneer and just let it cook for a few minutes.
  13. If any is just cheese so you don’t really even have to cook it that long. You’re just kind of mixing it together and that’s all so that makes a great meal.


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3. Tofu

30 Minutes Vegetarian Meals

What I’ll do in preparation may be making a healthier version of tofu. So today I have Sriracha tofu. There just happens to be what I have.

But if you buy regular tofu and saute to cook it up and have it ready in your fridge. Not only can you add it to this stir-fry.

You can also add it to this butter chicken sauce. But if you buy a bag of salad or you prep the sell it at your house throwing tofu on and again, the chickpeas are also several you could throw those on if one day for breakfast you feel like having eggs.

Vegetables these vegetables because they’re separate you can cook scrambled eggs into it or you can take a tortilla or wrap and take some chickpeas or some tofu or some brunette and add to the vegetables with maybe a few other things interrupt.

So once it’s cooked, I’m going to put it in a container again have it ready in the fridge.

So whatever my heart desires at the time I make sense or together in a pan and I have a clique complete meal with like healthy ingredients are into the veggies are done cooking here.

They look great in the same frying pan in the interest of not having to wash 6 million dishes. I’m going to cook out the tofu.


Method of Preparation

  1. Cooking tofu just requires a little bit of either cooking oil or a little bit of avocado oil. I don’t think I actually put anything because I put avocado oil.
  2. I’m going to coat the vegetables and we just need a couple of minutes on each side. You’re really just looking in through. I’m going to put it on medium heat and get that desk.
  3. The rice is also done cooking is like really simple Uncle Ben’s converted Crown right? It’s not so complicated. It takes 20 minutes from the time that it boils.
  4. I find that turns out perfect every time so there it is perfect every time.
  5. So while this is cooking, I’m going to go check on my burgers that are in the fridge. Alright, so there we go. I’m going to flatten these out a little bit put a layer of wax paper between each one and stick them in the freezer because I’m not using them till later this week.
  6. And I think I would like them better if they were being cooked some Frozen as opposed to in the fridge for a couple of days. So the burgers are all Kind of graphic over.
  7. The only reason for the wax paper is really just to keep them from sticking they’re going to be in this airtight container anyways, and I’m going to stick them in the freezer full disclaimer.
  8. I’ve never Frozen these Burgers, but from what I read when I got the original recipe, which I modified quite a bit from the time.
  9. I found that recipe is that they do freeze really well and they’re easy to take out and cook.
  10. So let’s hope that’s true tofu is also down. As I said, it’s just a couple of minutes aside. I flip them once in between on like medium to low heat you can tell like it’s I mean.
  11. It’s tofu just as we cooked through that’s all and as soon as this is cooled a bit. I’ll get this in a container as well.
  12. I think it would have taken me 30 minutes an hour so most of the cleanup was done as well. I have like one-pot left to clean but everything else is washed as well while the things are cooking.
  13. I also want to mention to cook the team Burger. So stir-fries are pretty simple, you know Sprint up and you stir it at any like extra seasoning or stir fry oil or whatever that you want and you cook it and how you like it.
  14. So that’s pretty simple for the burgers you’re going to cook them on the stovetop on medium heat add a little bit of cooking spray or cooking oil in the pan before you do it.
  15. I usually end up cooking them. I’m going to see about 10 to 12 minutes. So like a couple of minutes per side.
  16. They just have to be heated through and there is no meat or eggs or anything in them. They’re vegan the way I need them.
  17. So just make sure they’re heated through and then I like to melt some cheese on top which would not make them vegan but does make them delicious.
  18. So that’s all I have them. So let me show you everything we got done today.

Alright, so we’ve got Sriracha tofu brown rice, chickpeas stir-fried veggies and they have some garlic in there. We’ve got the black bean burgers full of veggies as well.

We’ve got some chopped up the need and then we’ve got this Butter chicken sauce, which is just like an extra like kind of fun meal.

So basically in my head, the ideas I have for meals are that you can have a burger with a side of veggies. If you want it.

You could do a stir-fry with the veggies the rice and the chickpeas if you wanted or you can add the trophy if you want instead of the chickpeas.

You can add both you can also actually add the Bonito if you wanted to the stir fry, all you have to do is put it in a pan and cook it just the way you would heat this through and just make sure that they’ve been here is heated through as well another meal that you can

And make us a bonus as like a fun kind of thing is to have the butter chicken sauce with the panade and eat it with the rice.

So there’s a lot of Versatility in these few basic things. Like literally, it’s only six things plus this saw seven, and I can think of at least five or six meals to make with this now.

I didn’t make huge batches, you know. I didn’t make huge batches because I don’t want anything to go to waste and I’m just kind of getting back into meal planning.

I’m gonna have to see how much ever we have everything I need so that things don’t get wasted.



These 3 simple easy vegetarian meals are quite simple and taste great. They are carefully chosen for you. Apart from the taste they are very healthy and save time.

You can actually make 5 to 6 different meals from it also. Why not try these wonderful recipes out cause you won’t regret preparing them as a vegetarian.

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